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Callouts Training.a3machines.info

2 hours ago Our statistics show that majority of the callouts our service engineers attend are due to a lack of preventative maintenance or avoidable damage caused by those operating the machine and that we receive substantially less callouts from companies with a Cleaning Machine Training program in place.. With a high turnover of staff in the cleaning industry our recommended “Train the Trainer

Website: http://training.a3machines.info/

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Cleaning Machine Training At Kettering B&M Floor

Staff Training.a3machines.info

Just Now A3 Machines always give full on-site training with the delivery of every machine but over time you generally find due to staff turnover that knowledge get lost so it’s worth setting up a refresher course. The B and M store in Kettering was no different and following some staff changes the store manager requested that we attend to give provide

Website: http://training.a3machines.info/cleaning-machine-training-kettering-bandm-store/

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Viper Fang Training For Evesham Retail Store Cleaning

Every Training.a3machines.info

8 hours ago We often state that one of our customer service goals is "Reduced Down time for your Equipment" and for this reason A3 Machines offer full on-site training with the delivery of every new machine and at a later date if required which was the case for this retail store in Evesham who needed Viper Fang Training

Website: http://training.a3machines.info/viper-fang-training-evesham-retail-store-cleaning-staff/

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Viper AS430B Training Session At Warrington Frozen Food

Customers Training.a3machines.info

3 hours ago A3 machines prefer our customers prevent problems themselves by completing their own checks however we do find there is more chance of that happening when properly trained. We offer training to all our customers and on this occasion provided Viper AS430B Training to a frozen food company in Warrington.

Website: http://training.a3machines.info/viper-as430b-training-session-warrington-frozen-food-company/

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Free Polisher With Your Purchase Floor Cleaning Machine

OBLIGATION Sales.a3machines.info

2 hours ago We are offering a FREE Victor Europa when you purchase either of the machines below. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE ABOVE OFFERS OR A FREE NO OBLIGATION DEMONSTRATION CONTACT US TODAY ON T:01630 661596 E: [email protected]

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/free-polisher-with-your-purchase/

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Scrubber Dryer Training At Large WestonSuperMare

Training Training.a3machines.info

5 hours ago The training also included demonstrating the correct preventative maintenance procedures which will avoid problems with the machines in the future and ensure a long trouble free operation. As with any store there is usually a high turnover of staff, so our engineer also gave additional training to the team manager who would take on the role of

Website: http://training.a3machines.info/scrubber-dryer-training-weston-super-mare-superstore/

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Site Surveys Archives Floor Cleaning Machine Sales

Scrubmaster Sales.a3machines.info

Just Now 13th July 2018 CharlesLowe factory floor cleaning, Hako Scrubmaster B120, Hako Scrubmaster B90, Lease Purchase, on-site training, Reconditioned machines, Scrubber Dryer, Site Visit At A3 Machines we understand that many of our customers prefer to …

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/category/customer-site-surveys/

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White Spirit Leads To Scrubber Dryer Breakdown In Leek

Training Repair.a3machines.info

Just Now Once again, this highlights the importance of training and A3 Machines always give, free of charge, full on-site training upon the delivery of a machine. We can also train an allocated trainer so that training is ongoing should a staff member leave. Viper Fang 24 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer Viper Fang 24 Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Website: http://repair.a3machines.info/white-spirit-causes-scrubber-dryer-breakdown-leek/

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Comac Sweeper Hire To Teagle Machinery In Truro Floor

Which Hire.a3machines.info

Just Now Free Delivery & Training: All prices are listed excluding VAT and are subject to VAT at the current rate. One of the most user-friendly features is the hydraulic hopper which raises as high as an industrial wheelie bin which means that the user does not come into contact with the debris and doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of the seat

Website: http://hire.a3machines.info/comac-sweeper-hire-teagle-machinery-truro/

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The A3 Floor Cleaning Machine Sales Experience Floor

It’s Sales.a3machines.info

2 hours ago It’s tricky of course to know if you have met their expectations so we find the best measure is a returning customer. On that note we received a call last week from the manager of a retail store cleaning team in South Wales who had decided it was time to …

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/a3-floor-cleaning-machine-sales-experience/

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School Floor Polishing With A Taski Ergodisc In Wales A3

Machine A3machines.info

2 hours ago It was with great pleasure that we recently attended the John Beddoes Campus of Newtown High School in Wales to demonstrate a Taski Ergodisc 17” floor polisher. We were there at the request of the school who were looking for a new machine to replace their Taski Ranger 15” floor polisher which had given them 20-years of service. In fact, the old machine had been used on a daily …

Website: https://www.a3machines.info/school-floor-polishing-with-a-taski-ergodisc-in-wales/

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A3 Machines Announce Lindhaus Dealership Floor Cleaning

Known Sales.a3machines.info

Just Now A3 Machines LTD are delighted to announce that we are now a dealership for Lindhaus – Quality Cleaning Equipment!Lindhaus have an excellent reputation and are best known for their range of quality Carpet Cleaners which we are now able to supply to our customers.

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/a3-machines-announce-lindhaus-dealership/

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Corporate Archives Floor Cleaning Machine Sales

Cleaning Sales.a3machines.info

4 hours ago Recent Posts. School Floor Cleaning with a Comac Visper 35b in Preston 28th February 2020; Equipment Room Cleaning Demonstration at Manchester Telephone Exchange 23rd January 2020; Our Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Machine Package! 26th September 2019 August Bank Holiday Special Offers 23rd August 2019; Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning at Southend on Sea Sports Centre 1st August …

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/category/a3-machines-corporate-news-including-distribution-deals-and-expansion-plans/

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Sourcing Replacement Scrubber Dryer Batteries Floor

Dryer Service.a3machines.info

7 hours ago A3 Machines is committed to providing its customers with the best equipment to carry out the most thorough clean and with many of our machines being mobile we have found the replacement Scrubber Dryer Batteries supplied by DBS Leoch ideal for the task.

Website: http://service.a3machines.info/sourcing-replacement-scrubber-dryer-batteries/

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Contact Us A3 Floor Cleaning Machines

2021; A3machines.info

Just Now Free Polisher With Your Purchase 17th June 2019; Industry News. RCP promotes hand hygiene in schools 19th July 2021; CHSA welcomes Socius Network 16th July 2021; Disneyland Paris partnership combines fun and hygiene 14th July 2021; Kent school adds misting system to cleaning programme 12th July 2021; B&M Waste cements its commitment to real

Website: http://www.a3machines.info/a3-machines-contact-us/

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Cleaning Concrete Floors At Donnington Pastry Manufacturer

Pastry A3machines.info

7 hours ago A3 Machines were contacted recently about a new machine for cleaning concrete floors at their manufacturing facility in Donnington.The company specialise in the production of top end patisseries including gluten free pastry aimed at the higher end of the pastry market and supply several fine dining caterers and independent bakeries.

Website: https://www.a3machines.info/cleaning-concrete-floors-at-donnington-pastry-manufacturer/

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New Tennis Court Cleaning Machine For London Club Floor

Tennis Sales.a3machines.info

1 hours ago When it comes to tennis court cleaning few firms are more experienced than A3 Machines, this combined with our ability to find the best machine for customers has given us a good reputation in this market.. A good example of this is a recent request from Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club in Kensington, London. They were concerned that their indoor tennis court floors were looking …

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/tennis-court-cleaning-machine-london-club/

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Faulty Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer Repair At Shropshire

School Repair.a3machines.info

6 hours ago A Shropshire secondary school called us in recently to repair a Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer which had developed a fault. We quickly booked one of our cleaning machine engineers to attend the school the next day and make a repair. Scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning school flooring, they are effective and always provide a much more intensive and quicker clean than a janitor’s mop and

Website: http://repair.a3machines.info/faulty-cleanfix-ra-431-scrubber-dryer-repair-at-shropshire-secondary-school/

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Taski Swingo 750B Demo At GB Ingredients In Felixstowe

Taski Sales.a3machines.info

2 hours ago Taski Swingo 750B Specification. The Taski Swingo 750B is a walk-behind scrubber dryer with a 33-litre cleaning solution tank can clean up to 1290 m2 of flooring per hour. The machine is battery powered and has a working width of 17 inches (43 cm). A plug-in Taski Swingo 750E model is also available with larger capacity cleaning and recovery tanks.

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/taski-swingo-750b-demonstartion-felixstowe/

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Special Offers Archives Floor Cleaning Machine Sales

Cleaning Sales.a3machines.info

7 hours ago Recent Posts. School Floor Cleaning with a Comac Visper 35b in Preston 28th February 2020; Equipment Room Cleaning Demonstration at Manchester Telephone Exchange 23rd January 2020; Our Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Machine Package! 26th September 2019 August Bank Holiday Special Offers 23rd August 2019; Acrylic Tennis Court Cleaning at Southend on Sea Sports Centre 1st August …

Website: http://sales.a3machines.info/category/special-cleaning-machine-offers-from-a3-machines/

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