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2 hours ago Fuck you and your damn spinach. No spinach. Only sustainable & evidence-based fat loss. P.S. I'm Egis. Enjoy articles. Then, apply for coaching, maybe?

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8 WEEKS 2 LEAN Abs Science

Outta Absscience.com

8 hours ago 8 Weeks 2 Lean Program makes fat loss simple so you can spend less time confused and more time enjoying food and training without going back to square one. And if you think it’s free, get outta my face. This is not some “keto-compatible” organic hot dog water, detox, or cleanse. It costs because it works. $275.00 – Purchase.

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Website: https://absscience.com/8-weeks-2-lean/

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Free Weights Vs Machines: What's Better For Muscle Gains?

Stronger Absscience.com

8 hours ago The principle of specificity (strength gains are specific to the type of training you perform) played a part—the machine-training group got stronger at machine exercises while the free weight group got stronger at free-weight exercises: So there you go, both free weight and machine training are equally effective for increasing muscle and

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Website: https://absscience.com/free-weights-vs-machines/

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On This Day, You'll Stop Training To Failure

Training Absscience.com

3 hours ago Here are some suggestions: Limit training to failure. Limit training to failure to 25-50% of all work sets during the week. Keep failure training minimal if done at all in the heavy compound exercises. Go to failure on your isolation exercises to get some extra stimulation with little to no cost to recovery. Periodize training.

Website: https://absscience.com/training-to-failure/

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How Heavy Should You Train For Hypertrophy?

Training Absscience.com

Just Now Intensity Recommendations. ~70% of your training should have you training in the 6-12 rep range. There’s nothing magical about this range. It just happened to be a convenient range to protect your joints and soft tissue as well as accumulate sufficient training volume. ~20% of your training should have you training in the 12-30 rep range.

Website: https://absscience.com/how-heavy-should-you-train/

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Should Women Exercise Differently Than Men?

Exercise Absscience.com

6 hours ago Saying “yes” to the question of “should women exercise differently than men” would be an Olympic-level leap to conclusions. Training differences between males and females are very real but exercise selection, progressive overload principle, recovery etc., are all the same.

Website: https://absscience.com/should-women-exercise-differently-than-men/

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Why Are My Legs Fat But I Am Skinny? [exercises]

Would Absscience.com

9 hours ago Altering heavy training days (heavy weights and low repetitions) with lighter sessions (lighter weights and higher reps) would do the magic! High-intensity interval training would be beneficial as well. Not only would it raise catecholamines and blood flow but it would lower your muscle and liver glycogen (carbohydrates) stores even more.

Website: https://absscience.com/why-are-my-legs-fat-but-i-am-skinny-exercises/

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How To Start Weight Loss Journey With The 1/2/3 Method

Eating Absscience.com

6 hours ago The purpose of this method is to get you in a habit of eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking water—habits that lean people have. And just by doing so, you will develop habits that may lead to other dietary tweaks—maybe you’ll start eating more protein, using food scales, or tracking calories. The 1/2/3 method may not be as sexy as a

Website: https://absscience.com/how-to-start-weight-loss-journey/

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Will You Lose Weight If You Stop Eating UltraProcessed Foods?

I’m Absscience.com

1 hours ago I’m fully aware that I’m fighting a losing battle with this one because most people would tell “Well, duh… Of course, you will lose weight if you stop eating ultra-processed foods.” But I refuse to surrender. I believe you can lose weight without giving up ultra-processed foods. So, as always, let’s dive into the murky waters of

Website: https://absscience.com/weight-loss-and-ultra-processed-foods/

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10 Reasons You're Not Gaining Muscle (Training Related)

You’d Absscience.com

4 hours ago 6. Insufficient Stimulus. If you always train within the 8-12 rep range, you’re missing out on a fraction of growth that you’d get training in 6-8 and 12-20 rep ranges. If you only train with 8 sets per major muscle group per week, you’re skipping on gains you’d get with 10-20 sets per week.

Website: https://absscience.com/reasons-for-not-gaining-muscle/

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Compound Vs Isolation Exercises: What To Choose For Mass?

Muscle Absscience.com

1 hours ago As a result, you get a greater overall muscle growth stimulus from compound exercises compared to isolation exercises. In fewer sets too.2. Also, compound exercises enable you to use heavier weights which is important because you can better progressively overload muscles over time. P.S. Without progressive overload, there is no muscle growth.

Website: https://absscience.com/compound-vs-isolation-exercises-for-hypertrophy/

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Can't Lose Weight? Here Are 4 "Diseases" Holding You Back

Share Absscience.com

8 hours ago 14-Day Fat Loss For Life Free Course Comment on Facebook. Share. Share. Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You Might Also Like. The Best Diet To Lose Weight In The Motherfuckin’ World October 23, 2020 Pain+Negative Thinking=Weight Loss. Motivation Ain’t Gonna Help June 24, 2020

Website: https://absscience.com/cant-lose-weight-4-diseases-holding-you-back/

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5 Steps To Stop Emotional Eating Abs Science

Share Absscience.com

6 hours ago You can also start 14-Day Fat Loss For Life Free Course. Share. Share. Tweet. You Might Also Like. How To Stop Counting Calories? (& Still Lose Weight) February 20, 2021 Fat Loss Fundamentals (And Shit That Can Just Fuck Off) December 17, 2020 Glycemic Index To …

Website: https://absscience.com/5-steps-to-stop-emotional-eating/

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Is Losing Weight With Diet Alone Enough To Succeed?

Study Absscience.com

3 hours ago But here’s the deal: The goal of every sound weight loss phase shouldn’t be merely losing weight. It should be: And that’s where losing weight with diet alone starts to fall behind diet + exercise (resistance training more specifically). Hunter et al. conducted a study in which they put 94 women in three groups: At the end of the study

Website: https://absscience.com/losing-weight-with-diet-alone/

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11 Reasons Why You‘re Not Losing Weight (and What To Do)

Foods Absscience.com

5 hours ago Add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high-quality proteins, essential fats, and other nutritious foods instead of trying to restrict them. 2. You Think That Healthy Eating Will Result In Weight Loss. One study found that foods with a label of “organic” made dieters eat more of it.

Website: https://absscience.com/reasons-youre-not-losing-weight/

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How To Stop Cravings That Lead To Overeating

Range Absscience.com

4 hours ago T arget BW x (8‐10 or 9‐11 + avg. total weekly training hours) The lower range (8-10) is more suitable for women since they have a higher percentage of body fat than men, and thus a lower proportion of lean mass. Each range has a certain margin to account for differences in intensity.

Website: https://absscience.com/how-to-stop-cravings/

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Glycemic Index To Lose Weight Has Always Been Shitty

Share Absscience.com

3 hours ago FREE 14-Day Fat Loss For Life Course. Share. Share. Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You Might Also Like. Will Fasted Cardio Help You Burn More Fat? April 20, 2020 The Best Diet To Lose Weight In The Motherfuckin’ World October 23, 2020 5 Steps To Make Stubborn Belly Fat Go Away July 19, 2019.

Website: https://absscience.com/glycemic-index-to-lose-weight/

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Fat Burning Foods Is A Shit Strategy To Lose Weight

Foods Absscience.com

6 hours ago In the end (or on your right), you will have an opportunity to sign up for my FREE 14-Day Fat Loss For Life Course. Fat Burning Foods Are A Big Lie

Website: https://absscience.com/fat-burning-foods-to-lose-weight/

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Yes, Goddammit, You Can Eat Sugar And Lose Weight

Foods Absscience.com

7 hours ago IT’S OKAY. It’s okay as long as nutrient-dense, whole foods make up most (80-90%) of your diet, and foods that are less nutrient-dense (such as sugary foods) make up a much smaller portion of your diet—10-20%. When you look through the straw sugar is an easy target to blame. But it’s the TOTALITY of the diet that matters most for weight

Website: https://absscience.com/can-you-eat-sugar-and-lose-weight/

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6 Best Women Weight Lifting Tips I Can Give You

Muscle Absscience.com

9 hours ago FREE 14-Day Fat Loss For Life Course. Share. Share. Tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You Might Also Like. On This Day, You’ll Stop Training To Failure September 8, 2020 Does Muscle Soreness Means Muscle Growth? (Do You Need to Feel Sore?) June …

Website: https://absscience.com/women-weight-lifting-tips/

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Eating Carbs At Night: Solution To Lose Weight?

Carbs Absscience.com

2 hours ago Eating carbs at night was a big Dikembe Mutombo’s no-no for weight loss. We used to believe every gram of it will go straight to fat storage. The short-sighted reasoning was that metabolism slows down as the day goes. Thus, eating carbs before sleep meant not using them for their main function – to fuel training, not sleep.

Website: https://absscience.com/eating-carbs-at-night-breakthrough-diet-solution/

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The Complete Guide To Losing Weight With PCOS

Pounds) Absscience.com

5 hours ago Aim for a carbohydrate intake of 30-40% of total daily calories. This would translate to 105-140g per day or 30-40g per meal (if you eat 3-4 times/day) for an average weight female (166 pounds). The number will vary depending on your body weight, age, and activity level. 5. Increase Protein And Healthy Fat Intake.

Website: https://absscience.com/lose-weight-with-pcos/

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Is It Really Better To Lose Weight Slowly?

Weight Absscience.com

8 hours ago You don’t just want to be lean. You want to be lean NOW! Unfortunately, your body does not share your enthusiasm for rapid fat loss. In this article, you’ll learn why is it better to lose weight slowly, how slowly and how exactly to implement that into your weight loss journey

Website: https://absscience.com/is-it-better-to-lose-weight-slowly/

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STOP Doing Long Fasts — A New Study Reveals

Since Absscience.com

5 hours ago STOP Doing Long Fasts — A New Study Reveals. Last week one chap advised my friend to try 24-hour fasting for weight loss. I shall call him Jacob. Since that was his name. When I heard that I thought to myself: So I took an evidence-based dive into the literature to find out how long fasts affect weight loss. Since the whole of my existence is

Website: https://absscience.com/stop-doing-long-fasts/

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Where to find free college courses online

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That depends on how you want to take them. Most courses on Coursera can be taken free of charge. However, beyond your own personal enlightenment and satisfaction of achievement, there is no other reward for doing so.

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