Afghan National Army Special Forces (ANASF)


Just Now Initially the training was 10 weeks long; which, when conducted after the 10 week long Commando course and some time served in the Commando Kandaks will produce a qualified ANASF Soldier. The training was increased to 15-weeks after the first two 10-week courses were completed.


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Joint Doctrine Note 113 Afghan War News


1 hours ago articles, military training, and ot her defense-related services to foreign nations by grant, loan, credit, or cash sales in furtherance of national policies and objectives. DOD administered SA programs are a subset of SC and normally are required to conduct SFA activities, but some SA programs do not contribute to SFA. SA programs are one


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Afghan War Glossary F


1 hours ago Functional Area Training received by training audience in Bydgosczc, Poland at the Joint Force Training Command of NATO. FATA. Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Border areas in Pakistan. Where the insurgents spend their "winters", plan the insurgency, and meet with their Pakistani mentors and supporters. FATF.


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Women Of Afghanistan


2 hours ago Radio Free Europe. September 25, 2013. "Afghan women gain education and rights but still face abuse, forces marriages". The Washington Post. September 18, 2013. "As Election Nears in Afghanistan, Women's Political Participation is Critical". Asia Foundation. September 6, 2013.


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SMW AAF Afghan War News


8 hours ago Of course, politics plays a big part in this - DeLauro represents the district that is the home of Sirkorsky Corporation in Connecticut. So, instead of providing funds for helicopters that are already bought she is punishing the Afghans (and U.S. taxpayers) by preventing the training that is needed to put the helicopters in the air.


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Afghan War Glossary W


1 hours ago A group of tasks and systems (people, organizations, information, and processes) united by a common purpose that commanders use to accomplish missions and training objectives (FM 3-0). Warlords. The presence of warlords in Afghanistan complicates Afghanistans history, politics, and security environment.


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ISKP In Afghanistan


6 hours ago Gandhara Blog - Radio Free Europe. Former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) says ISIS in Afghanistan is a lot of propaganda. March 30, 2015. "Uzbek Group in Afghanistan Pledge Allegiance to Islamic State". Radio Free Europe. Uzbeks belonging to the IMU says it …


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Afghan War News Blogs About Afghan War


5 hours ago Free Range International. Outside the wire, inside the loop. A security contractor working in RC East blogs about the war. (Last post May 2, 2012). Ghosts of Alexander. Conflict and Society in Central Asia. Greg Mortenson's Blog. Author of Three Cups of Tea. (Last post April 20, 2011). Harry Rud.


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Insider Threat In Afghanistan Afghan War News


4 hours ago Improper Vetting, Poor Training, and Lack of Discipline. A second reason is that the Afghan security forces have grown rapidly over the last few years and vetting and training has taken a back seat to growing the Afghan forces. This 'quantity over quality' results in many problems to include that of discipline and infiltration.


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Provincial Response Company


4 hours ago PRC Training. All PRC members complete the basic training that all Afghan Uniform Police (AUP) undergo. Then they take part in additional training so they can conduct high-risk tactical operations. Publications about the Provincial Response Company (PRC) 2017. Griffiths, Zachary, "Advising in Small Wars", Small Wars Journal, April 12, 2017. A


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Afghan Local Police (ALP) News Articles


8 hours ago Radio Free Europe. November 19, 2010. "Quick fixes won't aid Afghan civilians". Politico. November 17, 2010. "U.S. wants tribesmen to fight Taliban". Marine Corps Times. November 7, 2010. "Second Afghan Local Police course graduates in Paktiya". DVIDS. October 27, 2010. "ANA Special Forces Team incredible". Outside the Wire. October 27, 2010.


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Afghanistan Culture Afghan War News


3 hours ago Radio Free Europe. September 11, 2012. "Fight the Taliban with Afghan Culture". USA Today. March 6, 2012. "Marines Get Crash Course in Afghan Culture in California Model Village". PBS Newshour. A model Afghan village situated in the desert is helping Marines gain a better understanding of cultural differences. (Video, 8 minutes).


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Drones In Afghanistan Afghan War News


6 hours ago Training of Military Drone Pilots. Both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force are having difficulties in fielding a properly trained UAS force. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study released on May 14, 2015 ( GAO-15-461 ) found that there were deficiencies in their respective training programs and the instructor base was insufficiently


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