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8 hours ago To be listed in our CME course section, the course must be ongoing (not a one-time offering) and open to all appropriate medical professionals. Annual Meetings/Conferences. National organizations are invited to list annual meetings and any conferences that will feature a workshop, lecture, or the like focused on airway management.


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9 hours ago Simulation. Airway Management Education Center has partnered with SimVentures (a Laerdal and HealthStream collaboration) to create airway u0003management simulation scenarios. The first simulation set, Pediatric Airway 1 - Core Principles, is now available on the SimStore. New airway scenarios will be added regularly.


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Airway World » HighFlow Oxygen For Respiratory Support


9 hours ago The HFO group also had significantly lower 90-day mortality, more ventilator-free days, and less respiratory discomfort (NEJM JW Gen Med Aug 1 2015 and N Engl J Med 2015; 372:2185). In the other randomized trial, researchers compared NPPV with HFO in 830 patients with hypoxemia after cardiothoracic surgery.


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What Do You Need For Your Airway Management?


5 hours ago 4 • New design, easy to clean • System open to all C-MAC® components (backward and forward compatible) • ®Connects to the C-MAC and C-MAC® S Video Laryngoscopes, FIVE 4.0 and 5.5 as well as C-CAM® to adapt all eyepiece endoscopes • 7" TFT wide-viewing-angle display (160°) with improved image quality • Rapid toggling between video sources -> your "plan B device" is already connected


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Brite Blade Laryngoscopes


5 hours ago • and standardized training, e.g. for The overall low height of this blade permits emergency medical personnel.easy intubation even when patients cannot open their mouth wide, e.g. in case of lockjaw Fax toll free: 800 321-1304 (US only) E-Mail: [email protected]


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The GlideScope Performs Well In Clinical Practice


800 321-13048 hours ago did not receive formal training with the device. Success rates for GlideScope intubation were 97% overall, 96% in patients with markers of difficult laryngoscopy, 98% in patients without such markers, 98% when used first, and 94% (224 of 239 cases) when used after failed direct laryngoscopy. GlideScope intubation failed in 60 patients.


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CMAC S Video Laryngoscope – NEW


8 hours ago C-MAC® S Video Laryngoscope C-MAC® S for single use has the same outstanding feature that distinguishes C-MAC® metal performance blades. As a result, great value was also attached to maintaining the original MACINTOSH blade design. The D-BLADE is, of course, available as C-MAC® S. The imager enables blades to be exchanged within seconds and, as


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Airway World » Early ECMO Improves Survival In Trauma


7 hours ago Mortality was significantly lower in the ECMO group (13% vs. 64%). There were no significant differences in secondary endpoints, including hospital length of stay, intensive care unit–free days, and ventilator-free days. Hemorrhagic and thrombotic complications were more common in the ECMO group but had no effect on survival. Comment:


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Airway World » Ketamine Vs Etomidate For Rapid Sequence


Just Now In-hospital mortality (the main outcome), and the number of intensive care unit–free days and ventilator-free days did not differ in the two groups. Ketamine was associated with lower odds of hospital-acquired sepsis (odds ratio, 0.72) but fewer vasopressor-free days (OR, 0.74).


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9 hours ago AIRWAY WORLD® TERMS, CONDITIONS, AND NOTICE Acceptance of Terms. Access to Airway World is subject to the following Terms, Conditions, and Notices which are for purposes of protecting the security, privacy, and integrity of the users, visitors and exhibitors (hereinafter collectively referred to as “visitors”) using Airway World.


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CMAC Video Laryngoscope Is Superior To Macintosh


5 hours ago assessed on a standardized manikin before and after training. Pretraining intubation success rates did not differ significantly in the C-MAC and conventional laryngoscope training groups (44% and 51%). During training, students averaged nine intubations, and success rates were similar in the two groups (53% and 47%, respectively).


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Direct Versus Video Laryngoscopy For Foreign Body Removal


6 hours ago body extraction were recruited from an airway management course in Korea and given several hours of training and practice with the devices. Each participant then used both the GlideScope and the Macintosh laryngoscope with Magill and ring forceps, in random order, to remove a


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C MAC Better Than Direct Laryngoscope For Predicted


8 hours ago registered nurse anesthetists, and anesthesiologists, all of whom had received didactic training and the opportunity to use the C-MAC clinically for 3 months before the study. Patients with unstable cervical injuries, prior easy intubation, prior failed bag-mask ventilation, …


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UltrasoundGuided, BougieAssisted Cricothyrotomy


1 hours ago medicine physicians (one attending physician with ultrasound training and one resident) each performed the procedure in 21 cadavers (body-mass index, 12.2 to 44.9 kg/m2). Using the linear ultrasound probe oriented in a longitudinal direction, the operators identified the cricothyroid membrane in a …


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Use Of A Stylet Does Not Improve Neonatal Intubation Success


9 hours ago between groups in subgroup analyses by provider level of training and infant weight. The lowest oxygen saturations and heart rates during intubation were similar in the two groups, with 25% of infants developing bradycardia (heart rate <100 beats per minute). The percentage of patients


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Airway World » Buccal Oxygenation During Prolonged


7 hours ago Buccal Oxygenation During Prolonged Laryngoscopy Prevents Desaturation in Obese Patients. Calvin A. Brown, III, MD . Compared with usual care, supplemental oxygen delivered to the buccal space through a modified tracheal tube reduced the risk of desaturation during prolonged laryngoscopy in obese patients undergoing elective surgery.


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