Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO | 250+ Videos | 18.0 Hours[Udemy Coupon Code]

Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO | 250+ Videos | 18.0 Hours[Udemy Coupon Code]

Develop Amazon Affiliate Marketing Websites – Niche & Keyword Research, Backlink Building, Silo Architecture, WordPress SEO

  • What you will learn

. Amazon affiliate marketing
. Develop Amazon Affiliate Marketing websites that make profits each month from free search engine traffic.
. Choosing a niche for your Amazon affiliate website
. Extremely detailed guides on how to do researching keywords – and find keywords very low competition which will rank in Google’s top 10 with minimal exterior backlinks
. Silo architecture – discover how silos are made and built. Silos can assist you to rank any kind of site much better in Google
. How to program, design and develop niche websites
. Precisely how to choose domain names which can be not penalized. Except if you are able to do this correctly, it’s possible that your website will never perform well in Google
. Creating a WordPress site – you get to understand precisely how to use WordPress to create Amazon Affiliate Marketing websites
. Planning your WordPress website – steps to make your website look actually pretty, reduce bounce rate and perform well
. Applying silos in WordPress
. SEO 101 – fundamentals of search engine optimization
. A look at the necessary SEO aspects and how they can guide your affiliate website rank higher in Google

. Advanced on page SEO – This is the way you can create your affiliate marketing website rank higher in the Google SERPs
. Website speed: Helping to make your website load quickly. See precisely how to optimize your WordPress website for speed
. Backlink building strategies – see the best way you can build backlinks to your website
. The true “secret” to ranking high in Google – this is exactly what really matters
. Developing websites in amazon niches that pay higher commissions
. Detailed, bit by bit worked some examples – see exactly how the entire process is performed
. See best keyword research tools in action
. Advanced keyword research

Mega Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course

  • Who is this course for?

Just about anyone who speaks English and is teachable.

  • includes

. What exactly is affiliate marketing?
. Niche Research
. Keyword Research
. Silo Architecture
. Complete Worked Example – mattress site blueprint
. The niche website model
. Selecting a domain name
. Developing the website
. Backup and restore
. Website speed – making your WordPress website extremely fast
. Applying silos in WordPress
. SEO 101

. Advanced on page SEO
. Building backlinks
. Creating sites in niches with higher commissions
. Video on demand of 18 hours
. 250+ Videos
. 14 articles
. 71 downloadable resources
. Unlimited access
. Mobile and TV access
. Certificate of completion

  • About the trainer

The SEO Academy Leaders in SEO education
Our passion is SEO – and we love teaching it

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