Broken Promises: The Wartime Evacuation Of Imber And


Just Now Broken Promises: The Wartime Evacuation of Imber And Tyneham. In the beginning of November 1943, all residents of Imber, a quiet little village at the heart of Salisbury Plain, were summoned to a meeting in the village schoolroom where they were informed that they had just 47 days to pack their bags and leave.

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Y40 Deep Joy: World's Deepest Swimming Pool Amusing Planet


9 hours ago Y-40 “Deep Joy” is the world's deepest pool, at 42 meters deep, a height equivalent to that of a 14-storey building. The pool measures 21 meters by 18 meters at the surface and changes into a well like structure as you go deeper. Holding 4,300 cubic meters of water maintained at a constant temperature of 32-34 degree centigrade, “Deep Joy

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Henderson Island: This Uninhabited Island Is The World’s


6 hours ago Henderson Island: This Uninhabited Island Is The World’s Most Polluted. The remote island of Henderson—a tiny dot in the South Pacific Ocean—lies approximately halfway between New Zealand and Chile. It is one of four islands that make up the Pitcairn Group. It was here, in 1789, the mutineers of the HMS Bounty sought safe heaven


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Ama: The Freediving Fisherwomen Of Japan Amusing Planet


8 hours ago Wearing nothing but a loincloth, these fearless women free-dive up to 40 feet into the cold water, holding their breath for as long as sixty seconds at a time. Historical records show the tradition dates back to at least 2,000 years. During Japan's Heian period (794 to 1185 AD), Ama were known to dive for seafood and were honored with the task


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Gas Works Park In Seattle Amusing Planet


8 hours ago Gas Works Park in Seattle. Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington, is an unusual public park located on the site of a former coal gasification plant, on the shores of Lake Union opposite downtown Seattle. The 19-acre site was acquired by the city in 1962, seven years after the plant shut down, and opened to the public as a park in 1975.


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Heart Attack Grill: Taste Worth Dying For? Amusing Planet


9 hours ago Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso with the declared intent of serving "nutritional pornography", food "so bad for you it's shocking". Basso, a former personal fitness trainer and nutritionist, came up with the idea while writing a marketing thesis about fitness training studios.


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The Underground Houses Of Coober Pedy Amusing Planet


6 hours ago There is a local golf course - mostly played at night with glowing balls, to avoid daytime temperatures. It’s completely free of grass and golfers take a small piece of "turf" around to use for teeing off. The lack of grass hasn’t discouraged them to put up this sign in the golf course though.


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London’s Secret Nuclear Reactor Amusing Planet


3 hours ago London’s Secret Nuclear Reactor. For more than 30 years, between 1962 and 1996, a nuclear reactor sat at the heart of London tantalizingly close to a busy thoroughfare and to people’s homes and public buildings. Its existence so close to the metropolis was kept a secret from the public, because to tell the truth would have been extremely


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Barnacle Goose: The Bird That Was Believed To Grow On


Just Now There are likewise here many birds called barnacles, which nature produces in a wonderful manner, out of her ordinary course. They resemble the marsh-geese, but are smaller. Being at first, gummy excrescences from pine-beams floating on the waters, and then enclosed in shells to secure their free growth, they hang by their beaks, like seaweeds


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The Spectacle Of Death At The Paris Morgue Amusing Planet


1 hours ago The mask’s enigmatic smile bewitched artists, poets and novelists, and over the decades dozens of poems were written and stories invented to give the young woman an identity. This death mask eventually became the face of a CPR training mannequin, that’s now used to train medical and paramedical students the world over.


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A Pile Of Nuclear Waste Now A Tourist Attraction In Weldon


8 hours ago A Pile of Nuclear Waste Now a Tourist Attraction in Weldon Springs, Missouri. In Saint Charles County, Missouri, near Weldon Spring, adjacent to Highway 40, lies an enormous mound of rocks, rising out of the ground like an ancient burial tomb. Underneath it lies tons of hazardous waste produced by a chemical plant that once stood in its place.


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10 Wacky Festivals Celebrated In The Month Of October


1 hours ago Here is another round of unusual festivals celebrated in October in different parts of the world. Tübingen Duck Race. Every year since 1999 over 7000 yellow rubber ducks are let loose in River Necker that courses through this historic town near Stuttgart in Germany.


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Carving Dead Trees Into Public Art Amusing Planet


7 hours ago The city wanted to remove the damaged cedar trees, but local artist Tim Tingle stepped in and offered to have the dead trees turned into works of art. Tim began carving the trees in 1993 and over the course of several years carved figures, faces, and …


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Runit Dome: The Radioactive Trash Can On Enewetak Atoll


8 hours ago I was with Joint Task Force 3.4.2 Drone Squadron-Operation Greenhouse-I was on Eniwetok from Jan.1951 to May 1951. I was an Electronic Tech. on a B-17 Mother Plane which flew B-17 Drones through the atomic clouds to obtain samples for the AEC. I am 84 years old and have enjoyed being cancer free so far.


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Oxford Cardboard Boat Race 2010 Amusing Planet


4 hours ago Oxford Cardboard Boat Race 2010. The 22nd annual cardboard boat race was held on the Tred Avon River in Oxford. Teams compete in various categories for prizes, including the prize for the most fun boat. The Oxford Cardboard Boat Race is a family friendly event, organized by a group of local volunteers, known as “Boat Bums International


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11 Wackiest Roadside Attractions In America Amusing Planet


8 hours ago His book Roadside America brings together approximately 400 color photographs of Main Street signs, movie theaters, gas stations, fast food restaurants, motels, roadside attractions, miniature golf courses, dinosaurs, giant figures and animals, and fantasy coastal resorts. Magazine picks up 11 most wacky attractions from among it.


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Photographing Cruise Ships From Above By Jeffrey Milstein


Just Now There’s no door on Milstein’s side, which gives him an obstruction-free view and room to maneuver. Milstein’s photographs are so crisp and detailed, that when viewed in its full 80 megapixel capacity, you can see every detail on the decks – passengers lounging on deck chairs, water slides, golf course, dance floors, basketball courts


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The Toxic White Beaches Of Rosignano Solvay Amusing Planet


9 hours ago The Toxic White Beaches of Rosignano Solvay. The dazzling white sand of “Spiagge Bianche”, or “white beaches”, in the town of Rosignano Solvay, in southern Tuscany, has been luring tourists by the thousands for years. But this beautiful stretch of shoreline by the Tyrrhenian sea and its uncharacteristic Caribbean-look hides a dark


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Captain Robert Scott’s Hut In Antarctica Amusing Planet


2 hours ago Many companies, such as Bovril and Huntley & Palmers, made special supplies for the expedition, providing them free in exchange for publicity. Meals served in the hut were substantial, and could run to several courses. Scott believed that the men needed good meals to help them cope with the hardships. However, when they went on trips off-base


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Fordlandia: A Modern Industrial Ruin In The Heart Of


2 hours ago Fordlandia: A Modern Industrial Ruin in The Heart of Amazon. This photograph of men standing in shirtless bodies, surrounded by the long leaves of the jungle fauna, and a thatched hut behind, was captured in a remote jungle in Brazilian Amazon. The year was 1934, and these were Henry Ford’s men. Six years earlier, the American industrialist


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Astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s Photos Of Earth From Space


7 hours ago Astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s Photos of Earth From Space. ESA’s astronaut Paolo Nespoli, while working and living on the International Space Station, started sharing his experience with the world via a constant flow of beautiful photos and tweets. Nespoli remained in space for 159 days, with a hectic schedule of working on experiments, doing


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10 Spectacular Wooden Churches Of Russia Amusing Planet


3 hours ago The pogost of Kizhi (i.e. the Kizhi enclosure) is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. It includes two beautiful 18th-century wooden churches and an octagonal bell tower, also of wood, which was built in 1862. The jewel of its architecture is the 22-domed Transfiguration Church with a large iconostasis—a wooden screen


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Chinese Zoo Locks Visitors In Cages, Lets Animals Roam Free


8 hours ago Chinese Zoo Locks Visitors in Cages, Lets Animals Roam Free Kaushik Patowary Jan 11, 2015 2 comments The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing city, China, is giving people a chance to experience what it feels like to come face to face predators, …


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How War Marooned 15 Ships In The Suez Canal For Eight


2 hours ago This was needed to keep the ships in order. There was plenty of maintenance work to be done on the vessels—cleaning and repairing, transferring of fuel, fire safety drills. Because of the hot tropical climate, working hours were cut from eight hours to six hours on weekdays and to four hours on Saturday. Sundays were free.


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