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APlusPhysics Video Guide to Regents Physics DVD Series. By popular request, these videos have been made available in DVD format and can be purchased at the links below. Note, however, that the content is exactly the same as the content freely available above (and also on …

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How to choose the right college course

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Colleges and universities require a basic level of education for all degrees and majors. The topics needed usually include English, mathematics, sciences, humanities, public speaking and foreign language. Some degree plans have required courses that apply to the general education courses.

AP Physics 1 Video Tutorials

AP Physics 1 on Youtube. AP Physics 2 on Youtube. edX Preparing for the AP Physics 1 Exam Online Course. edX Challenging Concepts from Physics 1 & Physics 2. LearnAPPhysics.com.

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APlusPhysics: Regents Physics Essentials

"If my kid were taking Regents Physics, I'd buy this for him; if I were teaching Regents Physics for the first time, I would want this book available to me" -- Greg Jacobs, author of 5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics B&C. APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials is a clear and concise roadmap to the entire New York State Regents Physics curriculum, preparing students for success in their

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Bernoulli's Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle states that fluids moving at higher velocities lead to lower pressures, and fluids moving at lower velocities result in higher pressures. Airplane wings have a larger top surface than a bottom surface to take advantage of this fact. As the air moves across the larger top surface, it must move faster than the air

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Physics Lab Report Format

Reports MUST be type-written. Write the lab sections in this order, then rearrange the sections into a cohesive report and print before turning in to your instructor: Procedure, Results, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, and Title Page. Write in the 3rd person: Avoid 1st and 2nd person references such as I, we, you, and you (understood).

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Electric Potential Difference

The work done per unit charge in moving a charge between two points in an electric field is known as the electric potential difference, (V). The units of electric potential are volts, where a volt is equal to 1 Joule per Coulomb. Therefore, if you did 1 Joule of work in moving a charge of 1 Coulomb in an electric field, the electric potential

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Honors Physics Video Tutorials

Honors Physics Essentials is designed to assist physics students in their high school and introductory college physics courses as an invaluable supplemental resource in class as well as a review guide for standardized physics assessments such as the SAT Subject Test in …

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Honors Physics: Kinematic Equations

Motion graphs such as the position-time, velocity-time, and acceleration-time graphs are terrific tools for understanding motion. However, there are times when graphing motion may not be the most efficient or effective way of understanding the motion of an object.

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Work Energy & Power

Work, Energy, & Power. Work, energy and power are highly inter-related concepts that come up regularly in everyday life. You do work on an object when you move it. The rate at which you do the work is your power output. When you do work on an object, you transfer energy from one object to another. In this chapter you’ll explore how energy is

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APlusPhysics Honors Physics Tutorials

“Whoever wants to understand much must play much.” -- Gottfried Benn, German physician, 1886-1956. Welcome to Honors Physics, an introductory course in algebra-based high school physics designed to provide students a basic understanding of physics principles in the areas of mechanics, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, semiconductors, waves, optics, and modern physics.

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Einstein's Relativity

Entire courses and careers have been devoted to exploring and debating these theories. Thankfully, it is easy to find more resources on relativity, both on the web and in print form, written in a variety of formats from illustrated comics to complex mathematical proofs.

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Honors Rotational Kinematics

Honors Physics - Torque Torque. Torque (τ) is a force that causes an object to turn. If you think about using a wrench to tighten a bolt, the closer to the bolt you apply the force, the harder it is to turn the wrench, while the farther from the bolt you apply the force, the easier it is to turn the wrench.

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