Booking Places On AQR Events And Training Courses


5 hours ago Booking places on AQR Events and Courses. The Association runs a comprehensive programme of events and training courses, some of which are open to members only, and some which are open to all. Full publicity on all AQR events is sent to members about six weeks before the event takes place, but you can apply at any time by contacting Rose Molloy


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Qualitative Research Training Courses, Events And Conferences


2 hours ago The Qualitative Research Calendar. The AQR runs a number of training courses, events meetings and conferences throughout the year. Most of these are open to both AQR members and to non-members, but advance booking is required unless otherwise stated. Our AQR events and training courses prove very popular and early booking is advised.


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Free Tools For Better Design By Emma Muckersie


4 hours ago Free tools for better design. The ability to create powerful visual deliverables is increasingly becoming a skill that insight professionals need to master. But if, like most researchers, you don't have a background in graphic design, creating beautiful visual assets can be a real challenge.


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Freethinking Forces By Sean Dromgoole


6 hours ago Ideas can only exist in people’s heads and once they are free. One may control, however, how they’re moved from head to head. Sharp-suited lawyers have thrived protecting both the right to duplicate (copyright) and the means of delivery. We want music ­ …


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Which Web Sites Score? By Nick Head AQR


2 hours ago This one was delightfully easy to use. The home page is fuss free, guiding you to a wide range of topics. Within three minutes I was able to find a number of readable papers that proved very useful for a variety of pitches and proposals that we are currently putting together.


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Are You Looking At Me? By Oliver Sweet AQR


7 hours ago There is, of course, a big practical difference between the two: doctors normally have about 10 minutes to deal with this question, ethnographers (thankfully) rather longer. It’s a question that almost deserves a trite answer, because it belittles the complexity of the issue.


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Reasons To Be Cheerful By Rosie Campbell AQR


2 hours ago We routinely sold out training courses such as Moderating Skills and both residential and non-residential Foundation Courses, and hosted some really imaginative "Think Piece" education events, including a Knowledge Sharing Day for Tutors, "Barcelona Revisited" and a Pecha Kucha evening.


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Rose By Any Other Name By Geoff Bayley AQR


8 hours ago Secretly, I was thrilled to be asked because I had convened the course for the previous five years and, although I was glad to be off the hook and free once again to rediscover my ski-legs, I knew I was going to miss both the speakers and the delegates. The future of qualitative research resides in the character and talent of entrants to our


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Tributes To Tina Berry, 19492013 AQR


8 hours ago Tina was always keen to share, and had contributed to several other AQR courses, including tutoring on the residential Foundation Course. Delegates who received her warmth and wisdom will not be aware that she was simultaneously giving a great deal of support to …


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The Craft Of Qualitative Research By Geoff Bayley


9 hours ago After a long career in qualitative research and nearly two decades of contributing to AQR education courses, Geoff works as an independent consultant offering training and one to one coaching. He is concerned to help researchers achieve emotional depth in exploring the consumer -brand relationship with a focus on developing elicitation skills.


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Transcript Of Field Panel 2006


1 hours ago Transcript of Field Panel 2006. F: I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank and at the same time introduce our panel chair, who is David Dubow from ASE. David began his market research career at Audits and Surveys in New York in 1978 where he served as …


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Listening Groups Christened By Jayne Ozanne


9 hours ago Financial constraints require creative solutions. Enlisting the services of an international research consultant, a brief was designed that could be easily used, with training, by our local communication officers. The process was quality controlled, and the results professionally analysed ­ for free! But why call them listening groups?


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Definition: Objectivity


3 hours ago Objectivity. In its purest sense, the idea of objectivity assumes that a truth or independent reality exists outside of any investigation or observation. The researcher's task in this model is to uncover this reality without contaminating it in any way. This notion - that a researcher can observe or uncover phenomena without affecting them - is


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The Chemistry Set, Choosing A Consultancy By Geoff Bayley


3 hours ago After a long career in qualitative research and nearly two decades of contributing to AQR education courses, Geoff works as an independent consultant offering training and one to one coaching. He is concerned to help researchers achieve emotional depth in exploring the consumer -brand relationship with a focus on developing elicitation skills.


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Handy Writing Recognition Apps By Katie Laws


9 hours ago Of the free handwriting recognition software available, ‘Pen to Print’ is one of the highest rated. It aims to save you time, and eliminate this middle step, by converting handwritten notes into digital text. Simply photograph the pages, and the app does the rest, ideal after writing notes of …


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The Qualitative Lab (London), Viewing Facility, London


6 hours ago The Qualitative Lab (London) *WE HAVE COMPREHENSIVE COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOVERNMENT AND MRS GUIDELINES* The ideal viewing facility for clients, researchers and planners: The Qualitative Lab in the centre Wimbledon (Suburban London), has 35 years experience of hosting Focus Groups, Mini Groups, IDIs, Workshops and meetings, which …


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AQR: Lindsey Annable, Free Spirit Consulting Ltd, UK


3 hours ago Free Spirit Consulting Ltd United Kingdom Lindsey combines experience in UK and international qualitative research with management consultancy expertise in brand and customer service strategy. She is passionate about working with other cultures and specialises in global projects.


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Digital Tools In Qualitative Space By Joanna Chrzanowska


6 hours ago Digital tools in qualitative space. Joanna Chrzanowska compiles a brief introduction, ranging from netnography to crowdsourcing. Web 2.0 (the interactive sharing web) has opened up huge possibilites for finding, creating and analysing qualitative information online.


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The Difference A Clip Makes By Alison Drury


9 hours ago The second camp absorbs technology through a process of pain-free osmosis. Looking up one day they notice they now own the latest Olympus digital recorder; store their computer files on a remote secure server and edit digital footage to insert 'real people' into their presentations at the touch of a …


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Dig Fieldcraft Limited, Field Agency, UK


5 hours ago Dig Fieldcraft Limited. We are an enthusiastic, full service field agency with a can-do attitude. Every project is important to us. We are a small agency and are able to dedicate considerable time and thought to each project so that we can get it right every time.


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Irish Sovereignty:19222010 RIP By Anne Hastings


2 hours ago Following the creation of the Irish Republic in 1948 (the "Free State" was created in 1922), Ireland languished in relative poverty for the best part of four decades while much of Western Europe saw a rise in prosperity. I was brought up in a culture where structural unemployment and emigration were accepted facts of life.


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Night Vision In The Sandstorm By Dipen Mehta


5 hours ago Many Western brands have been on the wane in the Middle East during the last three years. This is due to the perceived imbalanced involvement of Western countries to the political situation. Western news reporting which tends to sanitize ­ sparing viewers from more unsightly and moving images ­ contrasts with the new breed of Arab stations, such as Al Jazeera, who "show it as it really is".


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Transforming Transcription By Alicia Dowsett


Just Now As a researcher, finding a reliable, cost effective and accurate transcription service can seem like a difficult task. The cheaper machine services can be inaccurate and incorrect, while human transcribers tend to be more accurate, but can be out of many people's price ranges.


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Where to find free college courses online

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That depends on how you want to take them. Most courses on Coursera can be taken free of charge. However, beyond your own personal enlightenment and satisfaction of achievement, there is no other reward for doing so.

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