ARC ARC Projects The Bhumi Project


Just Now The Bhumi Project is a worldwide Hindu response to environmental issues facing our planet. Its purpose is to educate, inspire, inform, and connect Hindus and non-Hindus concerned with these issues. It is the only central hub of information about Hindu environmental projects around the world; and aims to provide publicity, financial support and


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ARC Faiths And Ecology The Hindu Declaration On Nature


5 hours ago This is the Hindu Declaration on Nature, taken from the original Assisi Declarations on Nature. These were created in 1986, at a meeting held in Assisi by WWF-International and stemming from an idea by HRH the Prince Philip, at which five leaders of the five major world religions – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism – were invited to come and discuss how their faiths could


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ARC ARC Projects 2004 Field Training Programme


Just Now 7:45 Training in tree grafting (Sokphearum) 8: 45 Snack 9:15 Practice in tree grafting (Sokphearum) 10:30 Question and answer about tree planting (Sokphearum) 11:00 Lunch together 11:30 Free time 14: 00 Introduction to Vor Yiev activities - Environment activities - BFDK activities (Ven.Ly Khom) 15:30 Snack 16:00 Continue presentation and Q&A


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4 hours ago our rivers and water-courses. Our attention is also drawn to the issue of fair trade. Can your church/project/school do more to encourage: 1. better and fairer ways of trading? (FT) 2. a healthier lifestyle? (H) 3. environmentally friendly & energy savings products? (E) Here are some ideas for your PCC, Governing Body or Management Committee to


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ARC ARC Projects Kenya


Just Now The Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK) grew out of the United Methodist Free Churches which arrived in Mombasa in 1862. In 1967 the MCK became autonomous from the British Methodist Church and today has more than three million members, 384 full-time ministers, 1,000 congregations and 10 …


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A Handbook For Hindu Religious Leaders, Cities, Towns And


6 hours ago 3.1.5 Training teachers and religious leaders 36 3.2 Media and engagement: communicating the message 37 3.2.1 Media 37 3.2.2 Engagement with pilgrims 38 3.2.3 (National) Pilgrimage Centre 39 3.2.4 Green maps and handbooks 39 3.2.5 Marketing 40


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6 hours ago Vocational training colleges (4 colleges) i. Catechists college (1 college) j. University (1 college) 2. Hospitals & health facilities a. District hospitals (1 hospital) b. Referral hospital (1 hospital) The vision of Lake Victoria Conservation and Food Security Program is “A world free from poverty and


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ARC Faiths And Ecology Islamic Faith Statement


4 hours ago The sun and the moon follow courses [exactly] computed; And the herbs and the trees—both [alike] bow in adoration. And the firmament has He raised high and He has set up the balance [of Justice] In order that ye may not transgress [due] balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in …


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ARC News And Features ARC Diary Archive


9 hours ago January 20-22: Farming In Allah's Way Training This is an exciting development, where a brand new curriculum for Muslim farmers is being piloted for the first time. The course will take place in Nairobi and Thika, Kenya and will set an Islamic foundation for sustainable agriculture followed by practical land management training.


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ARC News And Resources


Just Now One year course for future leaders on Spiritual Ecology - deadline Sept 15 The Spiritual Ecology Youth Leadership Programme is an eight month fully funded part time course for 20-32 year olds living anywhere in the European Union, from different faith and spiritual traditions. Now accepting applications for 2018. August 2, 2017:


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ARC News And Features ARC Urges Action At The


3 hours ago ARC urges action at the International Dao De Jing Forum. More than 500 delegates attended the International Daodejing Forum in Xian and Hongkong last week - including leading Daoist priests and scholars, and the Minister for Religions in China. The programme included a strand that explored Daoism's role in the environment, and how Daoists can


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ARC ARC Projects Papua New Guinea


Just Now Dissemination and training In April 2004, a national consultation of twenty church leaders and environmental specialists was held, funded again by WB/ARC. Distribution has begun on sample training resource material, including material in Pidgin English,to …


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4 hours ago activists including pastors, youth and women in the parishes. In addition to the above training of pastors and Christians, CPR parishes will involve in a wide programme of establishing nurseries and planting trees for a 3 years period of time. The planting of trees will contribute to protecting soil against erosion.


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5 hours ago Intensive Agricultural Training Centre to train in environmentally friendly and sustainable farming techniques, and will also organize creation awareness courses in schools and on radio programmes. “The initiative to draw an environmental policy for our church was born following a


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ARC News And Features Blog New Faithbased Approach


9 hours ago The farmers at the training were taught about intercropping, rotations and agroforestry. These methods give mutual benefits to the various crops as well as naturally breaking the pest cycle. Likewise, creation is free from chemical fertiliser. Islamic Farming teaches farmers to enrich the soil naturally through applying manure and compost.


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ARC News And Features The Othona Bradwell Community


9 hours ago Training days were organised with specialists from both rammed earth and straw bale building showing the staff and volunteers the techniques so they could then carry out the work. The Community ran an open house during the spring and summer this year, with 15 …


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Faiths And Ecology Statement By World Jewish Congress ARC


4 hours ago In the Pentateuch (Num. 35:2–5), (see footnote 37) we find instructions regarding city planning, which required designation of open spaces free of all obstruction. Rashi describes the purpose of the open strip as being “for the beautification of the city, that it have air.” (see footnote 38)


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ARC News And Features The Ecologist Asks: Can Religion


9 hours ago More importantly, the last three years of training has resulted in a group of monks and nuns who are qualified to become trainers themselves and who now lead training conferences for other monastics and local community members on the topics of climate change, disaster management, and community emergency response team training.


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ARC News And Features PRESS RELEASE: Faith In Food


3 hours ago A few simple changes Faith in Food, which is produced by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, asks readers to consider how making a few simple changes to their daily diet could easily lead to improvements in their own health, animal welfare, producers’ livelihoods and our planet.Even if you don’t belong to any faith at all you can still find rich pickings in Faith in Food because it


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