Is Singapore The Best Place To Get A Degree? ASEAN Today


9 hours ago The beginning of a course can be especially hard on a new student. Many students are still adjusting to a new culture and way of life, in some cases, they are also struggling with a new language. Proofreading online services can help with written tasks until they master their language.

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Singaporean Elders’ Tryst With Digital Inclusion ASEAN Today


3 hours ago According to Visa’s Digital Inclusion Study, 81% know of ride-hailing apps, 74% have heard of food delivery apps and 73% are aware of the existence of apps for mobile banking. However, when it comes to actually using these apps Singaporean elders hold themselves back. Only 31% of Singaporean seniors actually use mobile banking apps, and the

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Land Scarcity In Singapore – Time To Wave Goodbye To


7 hours ago This is becoming a trend in Singapore. In 2013 there were 18 courses which occupied 1,500ha, now more than 219ha has already been set aside for other development projects by 2030 despite Singapore Land Authority CEO, Tan Boon Khai, stressing that golf courses

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Unfulfilled Potential: Trade War Has Been A Boon For


Just Now However, low participation from the private sector limited the effectiveness of the improved training offerings. Without insights and input from the corporate sector, the VET system has struggled to provide courses that effectively prepare workers for the workforce and equip students with the skillsets in shortest supply.


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A Dangerous New Police Force For Rakhine, But Where Is


7 hours ago A new “regional police” force made up of non-Muslims with little training has been created in Rakhine State to tackle the latest outbreak of violence following attacks on three border posts. Up to 15,000 so-called Rohingya Muslims are reported to have fled their homes in the unrest, and an estimated 50,000 people are under blockade with


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Vietnam Has The Highest Share Of Working Females In ASEAN


Just Now Vietnam will soon be caught by other nations. Unfortunately, Vietnam has been unable to make further advancements in recent years. Entrenched gender stereotypes are reinforced by regulation bias and societal norms. The men bring home the bacon, while women remain trapped in the lower ranks of the public and private sector, expected to shoulder the responsibility for the house and family.


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Singapore’s Air Force: Hosted All Over The World ASEAN Today


2 hours ago By spreading out the fleet and its personnel, Singapore keeps an operational air force running with bases all over the world. Despite the geographical constraints at home, Singapore has found a way to achieve its goal of maintaining its status as one of the world’s leading air forces. It is a …


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Education, Inequality, Poverty – A Paradox In The


3 hours ago By John Pennington. Education is for many an escape route away from poverty. In the Philippines, however, where a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, that clearly isn’t the case. It is a route that millions find blocked. In the 13th most populous country in the world, English is an official language and taught at schools


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Singapore’s Government Commits To Helping The Gig Economy


6 hours ago The courses are available both online and in physical sessions, reducing the time spent interacting with the larger community and limiting the opportunities for the virus to spread. During her free time, she explores the latest developments in fintech and business.


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Vietnam Poised For Growth As Digital Tech Drives Another


4 hours ago To support this growth, the Vietnamese government has created a series of initiatives to provide funding, training and startup incubation opportunities. Much of this support is locally-driven: Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Science and Technology, for instance, has created its own VND 11.75 billion (US$520,000) fund; Hanoi’s People


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Why Pakistan Matters To Southeast Asia ASEAN Today


4 hours ago The current government in Pakistan needs to make efforts to engage established Pakistani communities across Southeast Asia and involve them in representing the country’s interests in ASEAN’s policy-making circles. Additionally, Pakistan needs to make sure it doesn’t bring the …


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How Significant Is India’s Accelerated Outreach To Vietnam


3 hours ago Under this plan, the countries have agreed to step up high-level and institutional engagement and work towards achieving a peaceful, free, stable and rules-based region. Furthermore, India and Vietnam have committed to stepping up military-to-military exchanges, training and capacity-building programs.


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Proton Gets A New Owner: A Breath Of Fresh Air Or The


9 hours ago It has had US$3 billion over the course of its lifetime. Current Prime Minister Najib also blames Proton for the country’s under-developed public transport systems. He says networks were never integrated before he took office as the former leader Mahathir Mohamad …


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Singapore’s Administrative Service – A Model From Which


7 hours ago They need just 84 thousand officers to run the system, far fewer than other ASEAN nations. For example, Malaysia has a total of 1.6 million officers, and even Hong Kong’s civil service has grown to 170 thousand officers. Just 1.5% of Singapore’s population works in the civil service, compared to 5.1% of Malaysia’s and 2.3% of Hong Kong’s.


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Growth Of Solar Despite COVID19 Points To Southeast Asia


Just Now Last year, Vietnam launched the biggest push for rooftop solar in the region, and possibly in Asia as a whole. Of the course of 2020, the country increased its rooftop solar capacity from 378 MW to 9.3 GW, with around 6 GW of this built in December 2020 alone. The push made Vietnam the world’s third-largest solar market in 2020.


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COVID19 Impact, Conflict With China Threaten Philippines


2 hours ago Editorial. While the Philippines stays in lockdown and attempts to get its worst COVID-19 wave to date under control, disputes with China over waters in the South China Sea have progressed quickly and raised questions about the future of the Philippines’ fisheries. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on April 28 that the country’s


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Cambodia Signals Foreign Policy Shift By Halting Military


1 hours ago Cambodia signals foreign policy shift by halting military drills with China. Cambodia’s postponement of an important military exercise with its closest ally has more to do with the county’s foreign policy and shifting relations with Washington than COVID-19. In February, the Cambodian government suspended a planned joint military exercise


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Is It The End Of The Road For Huawei’s ASEAN Journey


7 hours ago Founded in 1987, Huawei has offices in more than 170 countries. It serves over three billion people globally and raked in a reported US$105 billion in revenue for 2018. The company epitomises China’s aspirations to be a global tech leader. It has the support of the Chinese government, and it is a central part of the “Made in China: 2025


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Will Singapore’s Talent Shortage Derail Its Fintech


6 hours ago In the short term, Singapore may have to rely on offshoring. In an interview with ASEAN Today, the President of Singapore Fintech Association Chia Hock Lai pointed out that Singapore’s talent shortage is in the technology space, rather than the financial scene. However, it is a manageable problem in the short term and long-term horizon.


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Adakah COVID19 Akan Menghambat Perjuangan ASEAN Untuk


8 hours ago Walaupun kes malaria telah meningkat di tempat lain di dunia, di rantau Asia Pasifik, pemerintah telah memberikan contoh dengan mengurangkan penyebarannya. Walau bagaimanapun, COVID-19 mengancam untuk membatalkan sebahagian daripada kerja tersebut, terutamanya di ASEAN.


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Has The United States Lost Southeast Asia To China


6 hours ago ASEAN is now China’s second-largest trading partner, having overtaken the US for the first time since 1997. In 2018, both sides approved the China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030. Under the agreement, the two sides have decided to realize a goal of US$1 trillion in bilateral trade and $150 billion in investment by the end of 2020.


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Tipping The Balance: ASEAN Manages Maritime Drills With


2 hours ago The training was a subtle move to beef up the US presence in the SCS amidst China’s attempt to claim disputed territories. Without the US’ presence, ASEAN nations would otherwise be unable to pull off a military exercise in the SCS without provoking China. ASEAN …


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ASEAN Di Pinggiran: Korea JepangSelatan Menyoroti


1 hours ago ASEAN is pushing for free trade but failed to negotiate a resolution. In Bangkok, the bloc stated its preference for Japan and South Korea to overcome their differences for the sake of the global economy. Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s Foreign Minister, voiced concern over the impasse.


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Why Is Trump Thinking Of Returning To TPP ASEAN Today


7 hours ago In November, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau temporarily threw the negotiations off course. He wanted to protect Canada’s automotive industry and cultural sectors. At the last minute, Trudeau agreed to the TPP draft agreement. Canada already has a free trade agreement with the US.


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Where can I find free college courses online?

Where to find free college courses online

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What certifications can I get for free?

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Are all Coursera courses free?

That depends on how you want to take them. Most courses on Coursera can be taken free of charge. However, beyond your own personal enlightenment and satisfaction of achievement, there is no other reward for doing so.

What courses can you take online?

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