Current Courses Atmospheric And Oceanic Sciences


6 hours ago Online Courses (CCLE) General Information. Campus Address: Mailing Address: Contact Information: 520 Portola Plaza: UCLA Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences: Students Services Office: (310) 825-1954: Math Sciences Building 7127: Box 951565: Email: [email protected] Los …


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Courses Alex Hall's Research Group


(310) 825-19544 hours ago Prof. Alex Hall teaches popular graduate and undergraduate courses in climate science, including Fundamentals of Climate Science, an entry-level course for the new B.S. in Climate Science offered by UCLA's Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.


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Resources WAVE Research Group


9 hours ago Programming Language and Software: Matlab Documentation (PDF available) Anaconda IDE for Python JuliaPro: A Julia Distribution Panoply: A convenient geo-data viewer (HDF, NetCDF, ) Mendeley: A powerful and free reference management software


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Emergent Constraints Alex Hall's Research Group


4 hours ago Courses; HOME / Emergent constraints Copy TK The degradation occurs because some models begin producing ice-free conditions, signalling a transition to a new ice regime. The relationship is strengthened when models with unrealistically thin historical ice are excluded. Because of this tight relationship, reducing model errors in the current


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Free Radicals And Fast Photochemistry During BERLIOZ


9 hours ago Key words: free radicals, photochemistry, hydroxyl radical, nitrate radical, peroxy radical, spec-troscopy, modelling. 1. Introduction Free radicals are known to be the driving force for most chemical processes in the atmosphere. Since the pioneering work of Weinstock (1969) and Levy (1971) photochemically generated radical families HO X (= OH


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Weather Radar Fundamentals


3 hours ago Radar reflectivity loop showing hurricane Wilma making landfall in 2005. The eye, which is free of echo, is large and pronounced. Bands of moderate to high reflectivity values encircle the eye, and other intense bands of precipitation can be seen spiraling outward from the storm's center.


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Commencement Atmospheric And Oceanic Sciences


8 hours ago An agenda and instructions to join the meeting by zoom will be forthcoming. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the meantime. We hope to see you all on June 12th!. For information on the College of Letters & Science Celebration , please visit the UCLA Commencement website,


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3D Homogeneous Turbulence University Of California, Los


5 hours ago Of course, there is a large literature on the latter topics, but they are not our focus. There is some repetition of the material in Turbulent Flows: General Properties but with greater elaboration here. 1 Symmetries The mathematical symmetries of the PDE system (1) with f = g = 0 include the following2


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How Do Environmental Conditions Influence Vertical


7 hours ago Zhuang, Y., Fu, R. & Wang, H. How do environmental conditions influence vertical buoyancy structure and shallow-to-deep convection transition across different climate regimes?. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 75, 6, 1909-1932 (2018).


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Meteorology: Frequently, Infrequently And Never Asked


4 hours ago The electromagnetic spectrum diagrams shown in Meteorology Lectures 3 and 4 show the visible spectrum as 400-700 microns rather than 400-700 nanometers (or 0.4-0.7 microns, as you say). That was a mistake made when the TGC art department redrafted my figures. I'm not sure why they did that.


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An Emergent Constraint On Future Arctic Seaice Albedo


7 hours ago Shrinking ice reduces surface albedo, leading to greater surface solar absorption, thus amplifying warming and driving further melt. This sea-ice albedo feedback (SIAF) is a key driver of Arctic climate change and an important uncertainty source in climate model projections. Using an ensemble of models, we demonstrate an emergent relationship


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AOS 104 Fundamentals Of Air And Water Pollution


9 hours ago Units of Measurement •Both SI and British units used Be able to convert between these two standards Examples Quantity SI British Length m ft Volume m3 ft3 Power watt BTU/hr Density kg/m 3lb/ft Concentration •The amount of a specified substance in a unit amount of another substance Usually, the amount of a substance dissolved in water or mixed with the


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On The Role Of Aerosols, Humidity, And Vertical Wind Shear


8 hours ago Chakraborty, S., Schiro, K.A., Fu, R. & Neelin, J.D. On the role of aerosols, humidity, and vertical wind shear in the transition of shallow to deep convection at the Green Ocean Amazon 2014/5 site. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18, 11135-11148 (2018).


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Global Climate Models Alex Hall's Research Group


8 hours ago The degradation occurs because some models begin producing ice-free conditions, signalling a transition to a new ice regime. The relationship is strengthened when models with unrealistically thin historical ice …


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Controls On Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Climatology


6 hours ago courses we offer : recent work from our group : Global climate research. What controls the mean depth of the planetary boundary layer? stable boundary layer leads to significant daily exchange of heat and mass between the PBL and free troposphere for most land locations. This diurnal cycle is absent over the ocean, where mixing is


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Neelin, 2011. Climate Change And Climate Modeling


6 hours ago This course: emphasis on physical climate system (other courses have environmental chemistry, oceanography, biogeochemistry, …) Complex Systems: simplify and/or separate subsystems where possible, understand, then assemble •e.g., global warming response for …


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Climate Feedbacks Alex Hall's Research Group


4 hours ago The roles of these two factors evolve over the course of the twenty-first century. The SIT distribution is the most important factor in current trends and those of coming decades, accounting for roughly half the intermodel variations in SSIE trends. Then, its role progressively decreases, so that around the middle of the twenty-first century


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AOS215 Class Notes: Oceanic Circulation James C


2 hours ago Course Description: We examine the phenomena, theory, and modeling of oceanic circulation and material property distributions. The scope ranges from global to regional. Circulation types include thermohaline, wind- and wave-driven currents, mesoscale eddies, and coastal and equa-torial regimes.


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Sea Ice Alex Hall's Research Group


1 hours ago The Arctic climate is changing rapidly 1.From 1979 to 2006, September sea-ice extent decreased by almost 25% or about 100,000 km 2 per year (ref. 2).In September 2007, Arctic sea-ice extent reached its lowest level since satellite observations began 3 and in September 2008, sea-ice cover was still low. This development has raised concerns that the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in late summer


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Publications By Author: AHall Alex Hall's Research Group


7 hours ago Despite major advances in climate science over the last 30 years, persistent uncertainties in projections of future climate change remain. Climate projections are produced with increasingly complex models that attempt to represent key processes in the Earth system, including atmospheric and oceanic circulations, convection, clouds, snow, sea ice, vegetation, and interactions with the carbon cycle.


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On The Persistent Spread In Snowalbedo Feedback Alex


8 hours ago The inter-model variation in this quantity is surprisingly large, ranging from 0.39 to 0.75. Models with large surface albedo when these regions are snow-covered will also have a large surface albedo contrast between snow-covered and snow-free regions, and therefore a correspondingly large SAF.


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Publications By Author: JBoé Alex Hall's Research Group


1 hours ago Low-level temperature inversions are a common feature of the wintertime troposphere in the Arctic and Antarctic. Inversion strength plays an important role in regulating atmospheric processes including air pollution, ozone destruction, cloud formation, and negative longwave feedback mechanisms that shape polar climate response to anthropogenic forcing.


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People Marine Operations Program


6 hours ago Currently creating an online climate change certification course for working professionals with The US Green Chamber of Commerce. He is an Air Quality, Environmental, and sustainability consultant at Alta Environmental (CEQA analyses, GHG inventories, hazardous waste …


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Lecture 5 Ozone, Ozone Hole, And Climate


5 hours ago Sources of Free Radicals O 3 + hν(highly energetic photons, Reading: Course Reader, pp 35-39 and pp104-111. ~ ~ Absorption of harmful ultraviolet radiation by ozone (UV-B, 290-320 nm): Absorption of these wavelengths damages DNA molecules. The organisms are more sensitive to


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