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Just Now Our training syllabus uses the the USPPA PPG2 course as its foundation, but with additional elements and refinement based on over 30 years of paramotor instruction by our staff and consulting partner, Eric DuFour. Training days are packed-full with ground-handling kiting practice of various gliders, classroom work, paramotor simulator sessions

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Training Aviator Paramotor

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1 hours ago TRAINING DAY 8 October 25, 2020Paramotor, PPG, Training. A new day of PPG training brings a new promise of facing my fear and advancing my skill as a pilot (not necessarily in that order). The day started off at 7:30am with a bit of early morning fog. We had to wait around for the sun to …

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Training Aviator Paramotor

Performance Aviatorppg.com

8 hours ago And of course, there are no slipping belts to adjust with this one. Optionally, for heavier pilots, a tried-and-true Moster 185 Powerplant can be fitted, for a slight increase in weight, that offers simply tremendous power and performance unmatched in it’s weight class- twenty-five horsepower at 7800rpm, and an astonishing 170lbs of thrust.

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9 hours ago PARAMOTOR GENERAL SUPPORT. Feel free to use the form below for general non-training related questions if we didn’t answer your question in the FAQs Section and we will get back to you as quick as we can (usually the next day)! Name *. First. Last. Email *. Subject *.

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Alliance Partners Aviator Paramotor

Tandem Aviatorppg.com

1 hours ago Aviator Alliance Training Partners & Dealers. Take a Tandem Flight! Take a Tandem Flight! Our team of dealers is truly incredible. They are your local resource for support, sales, and service. Feel free to reach out to them for any of the products we carry!

Website: https://aviatorppg.com/alliance-partners/

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Powerfloat 2BeSure

Statistically Aviatorppg.com

863-272-99077 hours ago Statistically, water presents a paramotor pilot with their deadliest threat. It is deceptively hard to free yourself from lines, soaking harnesses, and heavy metal components, all in the chaos of an unintended landing. The Powerfloat 2BeSure is lightweight, unobtrusive, and provides you with a massive element of safety when flying over water. The auto-activating flotation triggers upon

Website: https://aviatorppg.com/products/accessories-2/powerfloat/

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Terms And Conditions Aviator Paramotor Training

Service Aviatorppg.com

4 hours ago We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.

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Fly Products Paramotors – Aviator Paramotor

Paramotor Shop.aviatorppg.com

3 hours ago Paramotor training, Motors, Wings and accessories. Offering Ozone wings, Parajet and Fly Products paramotors.

Website: https://shop.aviatorppg.com/collections/fly-products-paramotors

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Ozone Mojo PWR 2 / ENA Beginner Glider – Aviator Paramotor

Require Shop.aviatorppg.com

Just Now The Mojo PWR 2 is a versatile crossover wing which excels in both free flying and powered flight. It is suitable for students in all levels of training and also for the newly qualified who require an easy, safe and solid wing for their first 100s hours of paramotor experience as well as paragliding ridge soaring, thermalling and XC flying.

Website: https://shop.aviatorppg.com/products/ozone-mojo-power-large-en-a-beginner-glider

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Ozone Sirocco 3/ ENDGAC Glider

Colour Aviatorppg.com

2 hours ago Choose your style. Certified DGAC, the SIROCCO 3is available in six sizes: 18,20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 covering a wide range of pilot weight and power unit combinations. Four standard colour schemes are available, in addition to, of course, any custom colours you can dream up using our colour generator.

Website: https://aviatorppg.com/products/paragliders-2/ozone-sirocco-2/

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ICOM A16B Air Band Handheld Transceiver Radio Bluetooth

Bluetooth® Aviatorppg.com

1 hours ago IC-A16B has built-in Bluetooth® making hands-free operation a breeze. Includes: BP-280 battery pack BC-213 rapid charger BC-123SA AC adapter FA-B02AR antenna MB-133 belt clip Hand strap Features: Built-in Bluetooth® 8.33 & 25 kHz icom-a16Bchannel spacing 1500 mW loud audio provides clear communications Large capacity battery pack 17 hours of

Website: https://aviatorppg.com/products/frontpage/icom-a16/

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Ozone Sirocco 3/ ENDGAC Glider – Aviator Paramotor

Colour Shop.aviatorppg.com

2 hours ago Certified DGAC, the SIROCCO 3is available in six sizes: 18,20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 covering a wide range of pilot weight and power unit combinations. Four standard colour schemes are available, in addition to, of course, any custom colours you can dream up using our colour generator. Fast and efficient

Website: https://shop.aviatorppg.com/products/ozone-sirocco-2

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Air Conception: Nitro 200 V2 User Manual – Aviator Paramotor

Manual Shop.aviatorppg.com

3 hours ago Air Conception: Nitro 200 V2 User Manual. Paramotors. NITRO 200 TORNADO 280. User’s Manual. Edition: V2.0. This manual is intended to be for informational purposes only. The manual’s content is based on the best knowledge available at the time of publication. We put every effort to correct the mistakes we encountered but we cannot guarantee

Website: https://shop.aviatorppg.com/pages/air-conception-nitro-200-v2-user-manual

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