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Turbo-fan Avidyne.com

1 hours ago PilotSafety.org was founded in 2012 by ATP, Master Instructor, Gary Reeves to reduce general aviation accidents by offering mastery level video and in-flight training programs all over the world. He is considered a top expert in the use of Avidyne equipment. Gary has over 7,800 hours in over 50 different aircraft including turbo-prop, and turbo-fan most of which is instruction given.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/avidyne-training/

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Training For IFD Series Avidyne Online Community

Those Forums.avidyne.com

4 hours ago I communicated with Gary Reeves about the 5+ hour IFD training videos. For those curious, he will be demonstrating 10.1. However, within a few weeks of 10.2 release, he will email a link to those who purchased the training videos to a new video demonstrating the new features of 10.2.

Website: http://forums.avidyne.com/training-for-ifd-series_topic1061.html

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Avidyne Customer & Technical Support Avidyne Avionics

Everything Avidyne.com

1 hours ago Everything from warranty to software updates, how to set up your IFD100 app, training information and more. Before you call your dealer or submit a support ticket, check The Knowledge Base first. The answer you seek may be there! Click here for your FREE 60-day Jeppesen Trial.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/customer-technical-support/

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Home Avidyne Pilot Support

Jeppesen Pilotsupport.avidyne.com

8 hours ago Jeppesen Pricing For Avidyne Equipment. IFD5XX/4XX Software Release Overview for FREE 60 Day Jeppesen Trial. IFD Default WiFi Password. IFD ICAO Filing Codes. Avidyne IFD5XX/4XX and Foreflight- Issues with ADS-B Traffic and Weather. CMAX Key Code--How to Create. Entegra EX5000 (MFD) - 8.2 Software Release.

Website: https://pilotsupport.avidyne.com/home/

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Entegra EX5000C MFD Pilot’s Guide For Cirrus Avidyne

March Avidyne.com

1 hours ago Entegra EX5000C MFD Pilot’s Guide for Cirrus SR22/SR20/SRV Release 8. March 26, 2019 / in EX5000/EXP5000 /. by Tammy Wood. Download 2033. File Size 2.72 MB. File Count 1. Create Date March 26, 2019. Last Updated May 18, 2020.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/download/entegra-ex5000c-mfd-pilots-guide-for-cirrus-sr22-sr20-srv-release-8/

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IFD540 Pilot Guide Avidyne

March Avidyne.com

2 hours ago IFD540 Pilot Guide. March 25, 2019 / in /. by Tammy Wood. Download 5778. File Size 16.63 MB. File Count 1. Create Date March 25, 2019. Last Updated August 27, 2019.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/download/ifd540-pilot-guide/

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Product Documentation & Pilot Guides Avidyne Avionics

Entegra Avidyne.com

7 hours ago Entegra EX5000 Columbia 350 & 400 Multi-Function Display Pilot's Guide. Date: Part Number: 600-00102-002 File Size: 3.51 MB File Revision: Rev. 01. Download PDF.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/product-manuals-guides/

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Tablet Applications Archives Avidyne

Avidyne Avidyne.com

3 hours ago (for FREE!) Learn what makes the IFD one of the most intuitive, feature-rich flight management systems in the sky for FREE. The IFD Trainer for IPad is just like having the IFD in your cockpit. It’s perfect for the new Avidyne Pilot just learning your new IFD or if you’re considering joining the Avidyne Club!

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/product_categories/tablet-applications/

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Software Updates Avidyne Dealer Support

(Dealer) Techsupport.avidyne.com

7 hours ago All Sections. Factory Authorized IFD Dealer Training; General IFD FAQ's (Dealer) IFD Displayed CAS Messages (Dealer) IFD Interfaces Knowledge Base; IFD Troubleshooting

Website: https://techsupport.avidyne.com/kb/section/142/

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Approach Procedures Avidyne Pilot Support

Approach Pilotsupport.avidyne.com

8 hours ago Approach Procedures. Ensure the approach has been entered into the FMS flight plan, and that it is currently active in the IFD. An approach can be selected and flown as a full published procedure or as a Vectors-to-Final – the choice is made on the Transitions dropdown menu in the FMS. When an approach is selected from the FMS drop down list

Website: https://pilotsupport.avidyne.com/kb/article/542-Approach-Procedures/

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Product Warranty & Registration Avidyne Avionics

Warranty Avidyne.com

4 hours ago The Warranty Calculator is a simple to use tool that provides a cost comparison between warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for each Avidyne product you have installed in your aircraft. Warranty Savings Example: EX5000 MFD with the AeroPlan Warranty = $1,200.00, new 1 …

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/product-warranty-registration/

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SkyTrax Traffic Advisory Systems Avidyne

Documentation Avidyne.com

5 hours ago Documentation. Overview. The SkyTrax600 Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS), which are based on the technology originally developed for air-transport category traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS), have been available for general aviation aircraft for several years, but have been cost-prohibitive for many owner-flown aircraft. Until now.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/product/skytrax-traffic-advisory-systems/

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Issue With Direct To Distance Count Down Avidyne Online

You're Forums.avidyne.com

6 hours ago Or if, how or when he/she might rejoin the route. That's why in my simple way of looking at things it seems the most appropriate way to display the TO Waypoint data is with the direct-to info for the next down-plan waypoint. If you're on the course it's correct. If you're off the course

Website: http://forums.avidyne.com/issue-with-direct-to-distance-count-down_topic515_page2.html

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Avidyne’s Exclusive IFD100 IPad® App Avidyne

Avidyne’s Avidyne.com

8 hours ago Avidyne’s Exclusive IFD100 iPad® App. Get big glass, edit your flight plan, monitor your ADS-B and more. Finally, a reliable, high quality feature rich application that brings the most important FMS functionality to the palm of your hand. Avidyne’s IFD100 is included with any IFD purchase*.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/product/ifd100-ipad-app/

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How To Calibrate An Analog OBS Input To The IFD Avidyne

Calibrate Techsupport.avidyne.com

4 hours ago The following does not apply to the KI208A or KI209A indicators. If you get continual messages on the IFD to "Set Course To xxx" and your analog CRS is set correctly, it likely means you need to calibrate your OBS input. You will need to boot the IFD into Mx mode, and toggle to the "Config" tab. From here you will want to use the lower RH outer

Website: https://techsupport.avidyne.com/kb/article/86-how-to-calibrate-an-analog-obs-input-to-the-ifd/

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Avidyne Announces EAA AirVenture Promo On Premium ADSB

Avidyne Avidyne.com

1 hours ago EAA AirVenture: 3130A – Hangar C Aircraft operators who purchase an Avidyne IFD550 Premium GPS/Flight Management System along with the Lynx ADS-B Transponder will receive $2,500 cash back from Avidyne plus a FREE Lynx ATAS Upgrade; Total Promo Value over $3,100. Oshkosh, WI – Monday, July 23, 2018 – Avidyne Corporation has announced that it is offering aircraft operators […]

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/avidyne-announces-eaa-airventure-promo-on-premium-ads-b-package-including-ifd550-navigator-and-lynx-ngt-9000-ads-b-transponder/

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10 MindBlowing Reasons To Upgrade From Garmin GNS To

Designed Avidyne.com

Just Now This also means we know the value of being able to get up-and-running with new instruments in a hurry, and why we designed the IFDs to be “frustration-free.” #7: Flatten the (Learning) Curve. Avidyne’s IFD series is specifically designed to enable a smooth-as-silk transition from GNS.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/10-mind-blowing-reasons-to-upgrade-from-garmin-gns-to-avidyne-ifd/

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General IFD FAQ's (Dealer) Avidyne Dealer Support

Status" Techsupport.avidyne.com

6 hours ago GPS Rollover Update Information for Dealers. Formatting a USB to FAT32. IFD How to find "GPS Status" or "Datalink Status" Page. How to download logs from IFD5xx/4xx. IFD Dimming setup tutorial. How to Calibrate an analog OBS input to the IFD. I can't put my IFD5XX/4XX into Maintenance Mode from Flight Mode. IFD540/440 Map Orientation - North Up

Website: https://techsupport.avidyne.com/kb/section/18/

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Articles Containing Tag "IFD" Avidyne Pilot Support

Jeppesen Pilotsupport.avidyne.com

3 hours ago FREE 60 Day Jeppesen Trial. Avidyne and Jeppesen have partnered up to bring IFD owners an exclusive 60-day free trial of the Jeppesen Services Suite. This trial covers all Avidyne avionics in your aircraft, including the EX Series of displays. Register via the link below to get your trial started! [https://ui9gsxp1.pages.infusionsoft.ne

Website: https://pilotsupport.avidyne.com/kb/tag/34/

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Baron Pilot Avidyne Pilot Spotlight

Would Avidyne.com

6 hours ago When I purchased the Baron, I did so knowing I would eventually be adding a GPS to the avionics stack. At the time I started to do my research, Garmin was charging for their simulator and Avidyne was not. I would later discover that this was the first clue to the different philosophies of the two companies.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/baron-pilot/

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Did You Know? IFD Features Breakdown Avidyne Avionics

Buttons Avidyne.com

1 hours ago To help you make a more informed decision, we thought we would break down the most unique features of the IFD5-Series and what makes this powerful flight management system a true FMS. 1. Hybrid Touch: Touchscreen with familiar knobs and buttons. Hybrid Touch is an amalgamation of both touchscreen and knobs and buttons.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/did-you-know-ifd/

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Avidyne Avidyne.com

8 hours ago Avidyne SkyTrax200™ provides dual-band ADS-B Traffic and FIS-B Weather for Avidyne Displays; AML-STC provides approval for installation of the SkyTrax200 in over 600 models of certified aircraft. MELBOURNE, FL. – June 22, 2021–– Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems, displays, and safety systems for general aviation and business aircraft, announced …

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/avidyne-announces-skytrax200-dual-band-ads-b-receiver/

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GPS Navigators For Helicopters Avidyne IFD Series

Navigators Avidyne.com

5 hours ago GPS Navigators for Helicopter Owners and Operators. The IFD-Series GPS Navigators for helicopters were designed with real world flying conditions in mind. This means every detail and function of our IFD Series is engineered with purpose: to make flying, whether it be fixed wing or rotorcraft, simpler and safer.

Website: https://www.avidyne.com/gps-navigators-for-helicopters/

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Seattle Avionics Alternative To Jeppesen Avidyne Online

Jepp's Forums.avidyne.com

1 hours ago A European subscription is $649. And Australia is $349. I don't quite understand Garmin's pricing but from what I've seen their charts are cheaper than Jepp's. Of the three aviation GPS manufacturers only Avidyne doesn't offer a lower cost alternative to Jeppesen.

Website: http://forums.avidyne.com/seattle-avionics-alternative-to-jeppesen_topic1410.html

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