Training & Certification Axway Customer Training Axway


6 hours ago Axway Customer Training provides convenient and cost-effective learning experiences and certifications designed to build the skills for success. Certified instructors, extensive hands-on lab exercises, and state-of-the-art training create a powerful learning environment that will enable you to drive solution productivity and minimize service


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AMPLIFY Rewards Program Axway


Just Now AMPLIFY makes integrating APIs into your applications quick, easy, and hassle-free, with a full-featured integration builder, robust API builder, and more to accelerate your development. Select from a catalog of over 170+ pre-built connectors to popular cloud applications. Build reusable workflow templates to speed up development and help keep


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Axway Summit Americas 2021 Level Up With Axway


3 hours ago Business and IT leaders: Level up. Axway Summit 2021 offers solution and technical tracks designed to help both business and IT leaders navigate the shifting terrain of technology and customer expectations. Whether you're an Axway customer, partner, or a determined solution seeker, this event will inspire and fuel your future.


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Axway Offers Free AMPLIFY Cloud Subscriptions For Developers


6 hours ago PHOENIX - May 2, 2017 - Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a catalyst for transformation, today introduced Axway AMPLIFY™ Release Spring 2017 with new cloud services, free access and open source tooling to improve developer productivity. Now Axway’s network of more than 950,000 developers worldwide have the potential to boost productivity by 40 percent, helping their organizations build more


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Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite Axway


8 hours ago Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite. Safeguard mission-critical PKIs with immediate certificate validation. More than a million users across the US Department of Defense and civilian agencies rely on Axway software for real-time validation of digital certificates, including certificates stored on CAC cards, PIV cards and in software.


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API Management Platform API Management Services Axway


5 hours ago “When it came to the quality of their support and strategic partnership, Axway really stood out from the crowd. The Axway pre-sales team that worked with us on our pilot project with Amplify API Management really took the time to understand the business requirements behind our use cases and turn around effective solutions very quickly — sometimes within a single working day.”


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Amplify Streams Streaming API Axway


1 hours ago Amplify API Management Platform Amplify Streams. Event-enable your enterprise with ease. An Event Driven Architecture (EDA) lets you respond to a changing world in real time, gain a competitive edge, cut operating costs, and deliver the experience today's users expect.


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7 hours ago 10 new partners. on average mapped per month during live IT operations. Do you have a story to tell about how you securely connect systems, apps, and people in ways that let you expand the reach of your enterprise to empower your business?


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Axway EndPoint Solutions Axway


8 hours ago Axway EndPoint solutions enable you to establish secure and direct connections with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees over the Internet — quickly, efficiently and reliably. With Axway, you can execute automatic, standardized deployment of data exchange features to end users on a massive scale, or provide users with hub


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Amplify Catalog Automated API Assets Discovery & Update


7 hours ago Amplify API Management Platform Amplify Catalog. Like Amazon, but for API and app developers. Ready to become easier to do business with? The Amplify API Management Platform has a unified catalog that gives internal and external digital business teams a single place to find, test, and consume all your APIs – with limited IT involvement.


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What Is An API Gateway Why Are They Important API


6 hours ago An API gateway is programming that sits in front of an API (Application Programming Interface) and is the single-entry point for defined back-end APIs and microservices (which can be both internal and external). Sitting in front of APIs, the gateway acts as protector, enforcing security …


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Contact Us Axway Support And Contact Info Contact Axway


5 hours ago Contact Axway by phone. +1 866-843-1990. You can also view a list of numbers. Call sales Call support.


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Managed File Transfer MFT Solution Axway


866-843-19905 hours ago Axway Managed File Transfer offers out-of-the-box connectors and support for a wide range of operations protocols. Use containers and dev/ops to speed delivery and reduce outages. Headless operations and API-driven commands enable game changing innovation. Engage your customers and partners across any channel, any deployment model in a single


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Appcelerator Platform Pricing & Other Pricing Updates


Just Now The free/open source products can be downloaded from the web site, the documentation can be viewed online, and we promote local meetups to facilitate engagement with the broader community. Enterprise customers can also find material to help them on their mobility journey, from whitepapers and webinars, to case studies and testimonials.


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New Titanium Certification Class Announced NYC March 3031


7 hours ago Training exam is free for attendees of this first class (normally $300) Appcelerator Evangelist extraordinaire, Kevin Whinnery, will teach this 2-day class. Through a highly-interactive mix of lectures and hands-on labs, Kevin will provide in-depth instruction and examples across mobile user interface design, working with local and remote data


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Amplify Central MultiVendor API Governance & Security


7 hours ago A central and unified management layer for governance, security and control of files, flows and interfaces (APIs) across environments, private and public clouds. This is where IT can enforce policies, establish credentials, and monitor usage. Further, this is where different integration artifacts are deployed and published to the catalog.


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What Is Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS)? Axway


3 hours ago Amplify Application Integration What is Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)? An Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based integration solution for connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based applications and data across any number of organizations.


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Axway Sales Team Contact Axway Sales Team Contact Us


8 hours ago Contact Axway's sales team today. Axway has a dedicated sales team to help you across the globe. View all of our sales team locations.


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Business Continuity Axway Remote Workforce


2 hours ago Syncplicity is a secure cloud service that can be deployed quickly, to provide immediate support and relief for users who are transitioning to working remotely. It provides companies the ability to provision employee accounts and includes cloud storage for their users. With this initiative, global teams can access and share folder and files


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Managed Cloud Services MFT Cloud Service Axway


8 hours ago Why engaging a managed cloud service provider makes sense. Managed Cloud Services offer limitless value. Your business gets the full integration package: a modernized infrastructure without adding CAPEX, enhanced security and agility, plus the ability to scale up or down quickly.


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Connector Catalog AMPLIFY Application Integration API


2 hours ago Connector catalog. AMPLIFY Application Integration provides 170+ connectors. A connector is a prebuilt API integration that enables a connection into a specific cloud application or cloud service endpoint (e.g., Syncplicity, Salesforce, Slack, SAP and many others)


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Axway Privacy Notice Data Processing Marketing


6 hours ago Access Axway's privacy notice of data processing regarding how your business contact information submitted online will be used.


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OverEngineering Trivial Tasks Using AMPLIFY API Builder


3 hours ago Principle Architect – With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Darren Mason is a computer and software enthusiast with a background in graphic design and software development. He is skilled in mobile app dev and web development and is currently focusing on API management and development. Darren is an all around nerd and animal lover.


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Where to find free college courses online

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That depends on how you want to take them. Most courses on Coursera can be taken free of charge. However, beyond your own personal enlightenment and satisfaction of achievement, there is no other reward for doing so.

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