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(559) 684-3300Just Now 2019 UC Almond Production Short Course Reminder. Oct 11, 2019. 2019 UC Almond Production Short Course. Tuesday, November - Thursday, November 7, 2019. Field Tour Friday, November 8. Visalia Convention Center, Visalia, CA. Registration Fee Increases October 22! Download (135KB PDF)

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/?newslist=3250

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TrainingTrellis Systems And Canopy Management Of Table

California Cetulare.ucanr.edu

1 hours ago Training-Trellis Systems and Canopy Management of Table Grapes in California William L. Peacock, Fred L. Jensen, Nick K. Dokoozlian Crossarms for foliage support first appeared in California table grape vineyards in the 1930s. Prior to that time, vines were free standing or had a single wire vertical trellis system (1, 10, 14). W. E. Gilfillan

Publish Year: 1994
Author: William L. Peacock, Fred L. Jensen, Nick K. Dokoozlian

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/files/82023.pdf

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Olive Notes UCANR

Planting Cetulare.ucanr.edu

2 hours ago hedgerow planting (12 X 18 ft; 202 trees/acre) at Nickels Soil Lab in 2001, utilizing four training techniques: i) conventional; ii) free trained espalier, iii) espalier woven in wire trellis, iv) espalier tied to trellis. Based on 10 years of data, tree training had no affect on yield or crop value. This planting continues to be of service to the

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/files/171358.pdf

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Lawns Cetulare.ucanr.edu

9 hours ago use or view our lawns daily. Parks, school yards, sports fields, and golf courses are common features in cities and towns. In 1996 residential lawns were estimated to cover 1.1 million acres. An additional 97,500 acres were in golf courses, 54,600 in parks, 88,400 in schools and 55,900 in cemeteries. Another 386,000 acres of turf are

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/Valley_Landscape_Views30276.pdf

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Grape Notes Tulare County

Parlier Cetulare.ucanr.edu

Just Now San Joaquin Valley Spray Application Short Course. November 12 - 14, 2019 . UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center. 9240 S Riverbend Ave - Parlier, CA 93648 . Join us for an intensive 3-day short course on spray application research and extension.

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newletters_898819/Grape_Notes_962/

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Field Crop Notes Tulare County

Silage Cetulare.ucanr.edu

5 hours ago Please find meeting notice for Thursday, May 1st. February 2014. Meeting Notice: Irrigating Field Crops in a Water-Short Year, March 21, 2014. 2013 Tulare County Silage Corn Variety Trial Results. Spider Mites In Silage Corn: Damage and Management. October 2013. What Alfalfa Variety to Plant. Return of Corn Stunt.

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newletters_898819/Field_Crop_Notes_692/

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How Do Thompson Seedless, Fiesta And DOVine Compare In …

Seedless Cetulare.ucanr.edu

1 hours ago uses. Virus-free planting material is now available which eliminates this concern. 2A Thompson Seedless. This is a heat-treated, virus-free clone of Thompson Seedless. It originated from a single wood source and has a proven track record of productivity. It is preferred for new plantings of Thompsons for raisins and crushing. Table grape tests

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/files/82012.pdf

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Training Cetulare.ucanr.edu

8 hours ago available. The training will be held in English and Spanish. Be sure that you indicate on your registration form which training the employee will be attending and whether they will be staying for lunch. Staff from the United Way and Family Healthcare Network will be on hand from 7:30 8:30 a.m. to – provide free health screenings for participants.

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/Cotton_News52590.pdf

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University Of California Tulare County Cooperative

Safety Cetulare.ucanr.edu

7 hours ago 19 RSVP for Food Safety Training Shari Connelly 559-684-3303 20 Woodlake 4-H Archery Match, Woodlake Antelope Archers Range, Woodlake, 9:00 A.M. Michele or John Dow 559-564-2884 or 559-804-1769 22 DUE OR POSTMARKED: Fashion Revue Entry Forms Leah Spaulding 559-684-3322 23 Food Safety Training, *7:00 – 9:00 P.M. Carla Sousa 559-684-3321 APRIL

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/March_201030545.pdf

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The 4H Connection

Motto Cetulare.ucanr.edu

559-684-3303Just Now The winner of the contest will receive a free 2006 match t-shirt. Entries should be mailed or hand delivered to T-Shirt Contest: UCCE 4-H Office, 4437-B S. Laspina St., Tulare, CA 93274. Last year’s motto was “Set Your Sights on Target”, and the 2004 motto was “Mark Your Target”. The shooting sports leader committee reserves the right

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/February_200630594.pdf

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University Of California Tulare County Cooperative

*700 Cetulare.ucanr.edu

7 hours ago 18-19 Shooting Sport Leader Training in Rifle Discipline, Clovis (Fresno County) John Borba 661-868-6216 20 Ag Advisory Board Meeting, *7:00 P.M. Leah Spaulding 559-685-3309, x 222 20 Indoor Advisory Board Meeting, *7:00 P.M. Liz Brown Diane Ennis 559-781-9352 559-784-2802 24 DUE OR POSTMARKED: Shooting Sports Rifle Match

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/March_200630593.pdf

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University Of California Tulare County Cooperative

Event Cetulare.ucanr.edu

661-868-62161 hours ago The 4-H Connection October 2011 2 KIDS FESTIVAL 2011 The Tulare County Office of Education Kids' Festival 2011 will be celebrating its 19th year as a major wholesome family Central California event! The event will be held on Saturday, November 19, 10:00 A.M. to 4:00

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/4-H_Connection40092.pdf

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Topics In Subtropics Tulare County

Pesticide Cetulare.ucanr.edu

9 hours ago Pesticide Worker Safety Training Pesticide Worker Safety Training Registration Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring 2014

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newletters_898819/Topics_In_Subtropics_592/

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University Of California Tulare County Cooperative

February Cetulare.ucanr.edu

9 hours ago wreaths and miscellaneous items free for members and leaders. Don’t miss out! First come, first serve. Hope to see you all there! FAVORITE FOODS DAY When: Saturday, February 17, 2007 Where: Tulare County Agricultural Building 4437 S. Laspina St., Tulare Deadline: Entries due or postmarked by February 1, 2007

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/January_200730583.pdf

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The 4H Connection

Tulare Cetulare.ucanr.edu

6 hours ago 21-22 4-H Shooting Sports Training, Woody, Ca, 9:00 – 6:00 pm John Borba 661-868-6216 23-24 State Fair Horse Show 25 DUE: Tulare County Fair Entries, 215 E. Martin Luther King, Tulare 93274 Tulare County Fairgrounds 559-686-4707 25 2004 Avain Bowl/Egg Preparation Qualifier, California State Fair

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/July_200430613.pdf

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University Of California Cooperative Extension Olive Notes

Locations Cetulare.ucanr.edu

661-868-62166 hours ago will be free from OLF injury, prophylactic applications of insecticide will be required. OLF has generally infested both rural and urban areas. During the last four years, spring populations of OLF in some locations have doubled each year over the preceding year. All olive blocks are now at risk if left untreated.

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/July_200530349.pdf

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Dried Plum News UCANR

Record-keeping Cetulare.ucanr.edu

5 hours ago The short course is being offered for $25.00 per pre-registered attendee. Note: Registration at the door will be $35.00, if space available with no guarantee of lunch. Course Materials provided include: Free record-keeping and single site pesticide use reporting software 16x hand lens

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/May_200330466.pdf

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Nutrition And Health P InfoSheet UCANR

Research Cetulare.ucanr.edu

1 hours ago year course of the study, with a lower hip bone mineral density loss. The findings from this investigation were in support of previous research (19). -Conclusions: Current research supports an inverse relationship between consumption of tea and risk of cardiovascular disease and loss of bone mineral density. In light of these findings,

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/files/32432.pdf

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University Of California Tulare County Cooperative

Greatest Cetulare.ucanr.edu

1 hours ago The 4-H Connection May 2012 2 4-H SUMMER CAMP AT “CAMP GAINS” – EXTENDED DEADLINE – MAY 14, 2012! When: June 24-29, 2012 Where: YMCA facilities at Camp Gains Theme: “Tulare County 4-H Summer Camp – The Greatest Place on Earth”

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/4-H_Connection43091.pdf

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Botrytis On The Rise UCANR

Incidence Cetulare.ucanr.edu

8 hours ago development. We will provide the kits and the training for sampling. If you are interested call Gabriel Torres at: (559) 684-3300 or email me at [email protected] Sour Rot: High incidence of botrytis and powdery mildew can result in high incidence of sour rot. If you are growing

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/Grape_Notes80295.pdf

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2021 Golden State Dairy Management Conference

Speaker Cetulare.ucanr.edu

(559) 684-33003 hours ago A Virtual Event 2021 Golden State Dairy Management Conference Date: Thursday, March 25 Time: 1:00-4:50 PM Fee: $10; free with code Register today ! Our speaker line …

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/Small_Grain_News88816.pdf

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University Of California Cooperative Extension – Tulare

Highway Cetulare.ucanr.edu

6 hours ago Woodlake. Signs will be posted. Admission is free. To get to Woodlake from Highway 99 take Highway 198 east (15 miles), then take the Woodlake-Kings Canyon exit north (seven miles). For more information, please call (559) 685-3303.

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newsletters/2004_Annual_Edition30484.pdf

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Citrus Notes Tulare County

Research Cetulare.ucanr.edu

(559) 685-33031 hours ago Free, no registration fee, but RSVP'S are appreciated! For more details and to register online visit: www.citrusresearch.org . Questions: Please call the Citrus Research Board at 559-738-0246 or email: [email protected] . FREE Lunch will be served at all locations in celebration of Citrus Research Board's 50th Anniversary!

Website: http://cetulare.ucanr.edu/newletters_898819/Citrus_Notes_873/

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