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About This Course. Begin your journey of learning about Chef Software here. This course was designed for people who are new to Chef products and tools and want an overview of how Chef provides enterprise automation solutions at scale.


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How to choose the right college course

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What are some of the best Coursera courses?

10 Best Coursera Courses

  1. Google IT Support -Offered by Google -Coursera. This is an excellent course offered by Google and Coursera that can be a Launchpad for you in the IT field.
  2. The Science of Well-being - Yale University - Coursera. This course has been offered by the University of Yale and Coursera. ...
  3. Python For Everybody - University of Michigan - Coursera. ...

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Chef Desktop: Automated IT Resource Management Learn Chef

About This Course. Although Chef products are used to configure many types of systems, including enterprise Laptop and Desktop systems, there has never been an off-the-shelf solution until now. Chef Desktop utilizes the power of Chef Infra and premium support to manage all your enterprise IT assets at scale. Combined with the power of Chef

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Ruby Essentials Learn Chef

Ruby is gaining popularity amongst developers to build enterprise applications. In this course, we explore some of Ruby's basic concepts and look at what makes it so powerful as a programming language. This course will help you get started with Ruby and write your first program.

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Course LocalDev101 Learn Chef

Explore Courses Register. Sign in. Choose Language. To see course content, sign in or register. Course , current location; Validate Infrastructure Code with Test Kitchen. Search the course Search. You must be enrolled in the course to see course content. Sign in or register and then enroll in

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Chef Principles Certification Exam Learn Chef

Links to those courses are in the Introduction section of the exam. If (when!) you pass the exam, you will be awarded with the Chef Principles award, which we encourage you to share on your social networks and with colleagues. The certification will be valid for two years, after which re …

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Getting Started With Git Learn Chef

About This Course. Version Control Systems are essential for software development teams working on the same project. Git, an open-source revision control system, is one of the most preferred solutions. This course is created to help you get started with Git and use it in your DevOps journey.

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Launching Ruby Courses On Learn Chef

Now that you know why Ruby is still so popular and want to leap into learning Ruby, we have got you covered. We have launched two new Ruby courses on Learn Chef – Ruby Essentials and Ruby Resources. Here is a brief rundown of what you’ll learn from them. Ruby Essentials – Your first step into the world of Ruby

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Introduction To Ruby Resources Learn Chef

Introduction to Ruby Resources. An overview of some of the most popularly used Ruby tools - IRB and Pry. Enroll in Introduction to Ruby Resources. Course Number. Ruby201. Self-Paced.

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Chef And Puppet Chef

Chef Is More Than a Configuration Management Tool. Chef and Puppet are both pioneers in the DevOps movement offering popular enterprise-grade configuration automation tools. When evaluating which one is right for you, you should understand how Chef’s mission has evolved. Chef’s mission is to help IT Operators achieve more – from enabling

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Secure Your Infrastructure With Chef Automate Learn Chef

Secure Your Infrastructure with Chef Automate. Learn how to automatically detect and correct compliance failures in your infrastructure. Enroll in Secure Your Infrastructure with Chef Automate. Course Number. Automate101. Self-Paced.

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Test Expectations With Chef InSpec Learn Chef

About This Course. Learn the Chef InSpec Language so you can automate the testing of your Infrastructure. Whether you want to ensure compliance to an industry standard, or be confident that your Infrastructure automation is building what you expect, InSpec makes the process easy . In this course we will show you how the InSpec Language is built

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Deliver Applications With Chef Habitat Learn Chef

Chef Habitat solves the challenges presented to continuous delivery pipelines by providing a unified system for packaging deployment instructions alongside application source code or binaries, enabling on-demand deployment to any environment without needing to rewrite or refactor the application code itself. Learn how to scale application

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Manage Your Fleet With Chef Infra Learn Chef

About This Course. Learn the Chef language in easily consumable bites! This course will teach you how to express your infrastructure policies as easily-managed, traceable code. By codifying your infrastructure policies, you'll gain the ability to automate common configuration and deployment tasks and become a coded enterprise!

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Public-Online Instructor Led Training Chef

This was the best training class I've taken. It was online using Zoom, it was super easy to share code and collaborate. The instructor kept everything going at a perfect pace and his knowledge and expertise on the topic was evident. 22 years of training in my career …

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Transform Your Organization With DevOps Learn Chef

About This Course. Learn the principles of DevOps and transform your organization into a coded enterprise! This course will teach you the skills and concepts you need to help your organization become a high-functioning, collaborative team and expose the benefits of implementing software development practices into the IT lifecycle.

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Chef Software DevOps Automation Tools & Solutions Chef

Chef Software's DevOps automation tools enable the coded enterprise to overcome complexity with infrastructure, security and application automation for your technology.

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Chef Compliance: First Steps With Auditing And Remediation

Chef Compliance: First Steps with Auditing and Remediation. Get started with Chef Compliance, a premium offering that simplifies the auditing and remediation process into a unified workflow. Enroll in Chef Compliance: First Steps with Auditing and Remediation. …

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Validate Infrastructure Code With Test Kitchen Learn Chef

Validate Infrastructure Code with Test Kitchen. Learn how to use Test Kitchen to test your cookbooks on your local machine before you deploy your cookbooks to your infrastructure. Enroll in Validate Infrastructure Code with Test Kitchen. Course Number. LocalDev101. Self-Paced.

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Learn Chef In A Whole New Way

In addition, our new courses (starting with the Test Expectations with Chef InSpec course), will feature in-browser hands-on labs. These guided experiences will let you start applying your knowledge in a real environment, without having to install a local version of Chef or deal with spinning up Docker. Working with the Product and Engineering

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Learning Chef: Online And In-person

Instructor-led training courses including the latest: DevOps Foundations; Certification exams to validate your Chef skills; We are committed to continuous improvement for training content and the overall Chef learning experience. Here are the highlights for the last month. Learn Chef Rally

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Test Your Chef Knowledge With The Chef Principles

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new Chef-approved certification program: Chef Principles. This certification exam was built from the ground up to test your knowledge of Chef OSS tools, products, and solutions. It also provides a measuring stick against modern DevOps practices that we encourage within our community.

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Policyfiles: A Chef Best Practice

Policyfiles have become mainstream and are a best practice for managing your estate with Chef. Policyfiles have a number of clear benefits: They combine the very best parts of Roles, Environments, and Berkshelf into a single workflow. The power of Policyfiles means you can be completely confident about the cookbook versions being used.

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New Training Course: DevOps Pipeline

Chef has launched a new training course for those learning our products and solutions: DevOps Pipeline. We understand the importance of an end-to-end workflow to automate all the things and this new class will help you accomplish that goal.

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The Pathway To A New World Skills Validation Program

The first stage of this plan, going live in November, is the Chef Principles Award. To gain the Chef Principles Award you need to complete 5 courses on Learn Chef, and then take a hands-on exam, also on Learn Chef. You will need to enroll for the program, but then the marking will be automatic, and you will similarly receive a badge to those

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Chef And Orchestration

Chef and Orchestration. When talking about the management of complex systems, orchestration is always a hot topic. This is because orchestration is often seen as the easiest way to represent and model complex systems, as well as provide a path to delivering complex systems. Most often orchestration is represented through a topology model.

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Open Source Training Materials

In July, 2010, we announced Opscode Open Training, providing free availability to open source Chef training materials under a Creative Commons Share-alike license. To date, more than a thousand people have signed up for the materials. We have conducted several classes, both public and private. Members of the Chef Community have conducted the Fundamentals course, […]

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Chef Training In Europe: Learn To Harness The Power Of

Commandemy has taught more than 40 Chef and other courses to over 350 attendees in 16 different cities in Europe. Edmund tells us that, no matter if the customer comes from Germany, Iceland or Israel, one demand is always the same: “Attendees want to learn Chef hands-on.

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Private Instructor Led Trainings Chef

The Chef section will include git integration and will teach the latest best-practices from the Chef consulting team. We'll learn the foundations of Continuous Integration using Azure Pipelines, and we'll create a complete build and release pipeline. The final result will be a fully automated end-to-end scripted pipeline that integrates git

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Prepare For Chef Certification With Linux Academy

Linux Academy is working to create additional courses to support all of the exams included in the Chef Certification program. We anticipate the Local Cookbook Development course to be available by March 2017. We hope that you enjoy this new Chef training opportunity. Questions? Reach us at [email protected]io.

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Chef Announcements: New Products, Content, And Learning

Learn Chef Skills Validation Program built on the Learn Chef platform, this new program combines detailed courses and a validation exam to enable practitioners to build relevant Chef skills and earn endorsement of their skills via Learn Chef. The program leverages the Open Badges standard, allowing portability so learners can share their

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Chef Policies: Why, What, And How

On Wednesday, September 30th, software engineer Joshua Timberman presented a webinar on Chef Policies, a new feature of Chef. Policies combine the best parts of roles, environments, and client-side dependency resolvers such as Berkshelf into a single, easy-to-use workflow. By using policies, you can apply a specific set of cookbooks to a node or nodes with […]

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About Chef Workstation

Start your infrastructure automation quickly and easily with Chef Workstation. Chef Workstation gives you everything you need to get started with Chef - ad hoc remote execution, remote scanning, configuration tasks, cookbook creation tools as well as robust dependency and testing software - …

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Fulfilling The Need For Continuous Improvement With DevOps

Courses can be beneficial but generally only apply to one skill area, are targeted at individual learning, and exercises are done in sandbox environments where learners never have to contend with real-world constraints. Concepts are difficult to apply after the course is over. The learning doesn’t stick and doesn’t lead to long-lasting change.

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Jonathan Pereira, Author At Chef Blog

Jonathan is passionate about helping supercharge developers using cutting-edge developer tools and turning them into superheroes. He is an open-source enthusiast and loves engaging with developer communities to discuss everything tech.

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Chef Infra Best Practices: #3 Testing Chef Infra Cookbooks

The “Shape-up Your Infrastructure Automation” webinar series will continue through 2021. Below is the current list of events: Part 1: Prepare for New Chef Infra Client Releases with Cookstyle. Part 2: Configure Chef Infra & Compliance Using Built-In Functionality. Part 3: Testing Chef Infra Cookbooks Fast with Docker.

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Chef Infra Best Practices: #2 Serve-up Continuous

Heather Peyton. Heather is a Product Marketing Director at Chef responsible for messaging around the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. Prior to Chef Heather held DevOps related positions at CA and Worksoft.

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Chef Teams With AWS, Brings DevOps To The Pop-Up Loft

After a successful inaugural run, the AWS Loft returns to provide in-person time with technical experts, free training courses and self-paced labs, peer-driven presentations, and a range of networking and co-working opportunities.

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Reason #38 To Attend ChefConf 2019: To Learn

Chef certification prep courses will be held Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday morning. They tend to fill up quickly, so register for ChefConf now and select that you are interested in Chef Certifications and we will send you additional …

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Ruby On Rails Archives

Launching Ruby Courses on Learn Chef. By Jonathan Pereira May 24, 2021 May 24, 2021. The Ruby programming language has been around for more than two decades. It constantly features on the TIOBE Index, Stack Overflow Developer Survey, and GitHub State of the Octoverse as a popular programming language. While the last decade has seen hundreds of

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