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1 hours ago Courses. Professor Deibert is currently teaching two versions of the same course (the Geopolitics of Cyberspace) each year: once in the fall as a Political Science course, and once in the spring term, which is restricted to the MGA students. (The fall version of the course is open to undergraduates and doctoral students from outside political

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POL2240 The Citizen Lab


Just Now GLA2010H The Geopolitics of Information and Communication Technologies The GLA2010H course is an intensive examination of the ways in which states and non-state actors are contesting the newly evolving terrain of global digital-electronic-telecommunications. Topics covered include Internet censorship and surveillance, information warfare, computer network attacks, hacktivism, and …


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Code Of Conduct Resources The Citizen Lab


3 hours ago Feel free to use ours as a template and/or review any of the resources cited. Citizen Lab Summer Institute Code of Conduct The Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) is an inclusive event where people should feel comfortable sharing their work, opinions, and perspectives.

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Missing Link: Tibetan Groups Targeted With 1Click Mobile


5 hours ago Of course, analysts can still extract the malicious code in other ways, such as from memory dumps or browser-based instrumentation. Figure 4 : ECDH key generation for protection of the iOS malcode. The specific code for encrypted malcode delivery used by POISON CARP is based on a project called IronSquirrel developed by security researcher


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2017 FordMozilla Open Web Fellows Applications Open


3 hours ago Allowance of up to $3,000 towards the purchase of laptop computer, digital cameras, recorders and computer software; fees for continuing studies or other courses, research fees or payments, to the extent such purchases and fees are related to the fellowship. All approved fellowship trips – domestic and international – are covered in full.


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RONALD DEIBERT Director, The Citizen Lab, Munk School Of


Just Now I am really excited to be the 2020 CBC Massey Lecturer. It was a great honour to be invited and be among the great authors and thinkers who have inspired me over the years, including MargaretAtwood, Ursula Franklin, Jane Jacobs, Charles Taylor, and so many others. The lectures will be virtual this year, broadcast on CBC Ideas, November 9-13, with the final episode airing November …


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Cashless Society, Cached Data: Are Mobile Payment Systems


5 hours ago This research series presents an in-depth examination of mobile payment systems, a rapidly evolving form of financial technology. We will provide an overview of how they are used in China--where they are taking off faster than anywhere else in the world--and what implications their security and data protection practices may have for millions of users, by presenting a case study on Alipay.


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Publications The Citizen Lab


5 hours ago Christopher Parsons. “ Huawei & 5G: Clarifying the Canadian Equities and Charting a Strategic Path Forward ,” Citizen Lab Research Report No. 134, University of Toronto, December 2020. Bill Marczak, John Scott-Railton, Siddharth Prakash Rao, Siena Anstis, and Ron Deibert. “ Running in Circles: Uncovering the Clients of Cyberespionage Firm


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Citizen Lab Summer Institute Code Of Conduct The Citizen Lab


9 hours ago The Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) is an inclusive event where people should feel comfortable sharing their work, opinions, and perspectives. All of us commit to engaging with each other mindfully to ensure an environment that promotes shared learning and collaboration. CLSI participants are expected to comply with the policies that govern all activities and behaviour Read more »


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Curtailing Online Education In The Name Of Homeland


5 hours ago Homeland security laws and regulations enacted since September 2001, including the USA PATRIOT Act, have created serious limitations on the ability of international students studying in the United States to participate in online educational opportunities. This article explores the enrollment limitations in online courses for international students in terms of information policy and concepts of


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Engineers For The World (E4TW) Fellowship [CLOSED] The


2 hours ago Engineers for the World (E4TW) Fellowship [CLOSED] By Amitpal Singh. February 7, 2017. The Division of Engineering Science and The Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs has one position available for an Engineering Science student completing Year 2 or Year 3. The Citizen Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory that


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Citizen Lab Archives RONALD DEIBERT


6 hours ago Ironically, SS7 was rolled out in 1975 to solve a preexisting flaw in existing “in-band” interoperability protocols that were at the time being exploited by so-called “phone phreaks” using “ blue boxes ” (instructions for which they shared in popular magazines) to hack their way into free long-distance phone calls.


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To Surveil And Predict: A Human Rights Analysis Of


1 hours ago Executive Summary. This report examines algorithmic technologies that are designed for use in criminal law enforcement systems.Algorithmic policing is an area of technological development that, in theory, is designed to enable law enforcement agencies to either automate surveillance or to draw inferences through the use of mass data processing in the hopes of predicting potential criminal


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Hacking Archives Page 12 Of 13 The Citizen Lab


2 hours ago In the attack on RSA, the attacker sent “phishing” e-mails with the subject line “2011 Recruitment Plan” to two small groups of employees over the course of two days. Unfortunately, one was interested enough to retrieve one of these messages from his or her junk mail and open the attached Excel file.


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Litigation And Other Formal Complaints Concerning Targeted


8 hours ago Gamma Group Company background. Gamma Group describes itself as an international manufacturer of surveillance and monitoring systems with technical sales offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It provides advanced technical surveillance, monitoring solutions, and advanced government training, as well as international consultancy to National and State Intelligence …


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Stopping The Press: New York Times Journalist Targeted By


5 hours ago New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard was targeted with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware via a June 2018 SMS message promising details about “Ben Hubbard and the story of the Saudi Royal Family.” The SMS contained a hyperlink to a website used by a Pegasus operator that we call KINGDOM. We have linked KINGDOM to Saudi Arabia. In 2018, KINGDOM also targeted Saudi …


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Nile Phish: LargeScale Phishing Campaign Targeting


7 hours ago There is a growing consensus that repeated training with mock-phishing exercises, in the form of realistic phishing e-mails sent by the organization’s IT staff, can be an effective way to build an organization’s ‘human firewall.’ There are a number of free tools that NGOs can use to conduct these exercises, including Duo Insight.


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Targeted Threats Archives The Citizen Lab


7 hours ago Over the course of our multi-year investigation, we found that Dark Basin likely conducted commercial espionage on behalf of their clients against opponents involved in high profile public events, criminal cases, financial transactions, news stories, and advocacy. This report highlights several clusters of targets.


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RONALD DEIBERT Page 20 Of 28 Director, The Citizen Lab


8 hours ago The Amnesty campaign is continuing to raise awareness and debate about Internet censorship practices around the world. Part of the purpose of the campaign is to focus on western companies who provide technologies of censorship and surveillance. There is a ZDNet UK article about the topic, with some of my comments on the matter, and the same old responses from Cisco …


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Citizen Lab Pens Article For Columbia Journalism Review On


2 hours ago In a new submission to the Columbia Journalism Review, Citizen Lab researchers review the findings of a recent survey that polled journalism schools on digital security curriculum. As explained in the article, the data suggests that most journalism schools are struggling to provide training that properly protects journalists, their sources, and their colleagues online.


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News Archives Page 98 Of 100 The Citizen Lab


8 hours ago Hacktivists are Internet security researchers who advocate ways to combat state-sanctioned Internet censorship. It is important that free speech advocates learn the security aspects of the… Read more »


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Keep Calm And (Don’t) Enable Macros: A New Threat Actor


5 hours ago The latest versions of Internet Explorer/Edge, Chrome, and Firefox (except Tor Browser) will all perform these XMLHttpRequests to on behalf of any site. Of course, the result of such a request will most likely not be available to the script, due to the same-origin policy, and likely absence of a CORS 32 header in the response. Indeed


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TikTok Vs Douyin A Security And Privacy The Citizen Lab


3 hours ago However, TikTok is also not completely free of privacy, security, and censorship concerns. . As we have shown, ByteDance relies on these different degrees of customizations of the common code base to tailor to different market needs. These customizations might be reverted with varying degrees of difficulty, whether intentionally or unintentionally.


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Job Posting: System Administrator [CLOSED] The Citizen Lab


3 hours ago Key responsibilities: Primary network administrator for the Citizen Lab; managing and overseeing of the use of all information technology in the Citizen Lab; design Linux network infrastructure design; develop, maintain, and monitor network security policies, ensure all workstations and related components are kept operationally effective and


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