The 34th Annual Research & Policy Conference On Child


9 hours ago After much reflection and conversation with Mario Hernandez, Chair of the Department of Child & Family Studies at the University of South Florida, we have decided to let the Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health, affectionately known as “The Tampa Conference,” have a much-deserved rest.


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Students Exposed To Trauma: An Efficacy Study Of CBITS


9 hours ago Registration is free for: –On-line training –Sample materials and forms –Implementation assistance –Video clips –On-line community of experts and colleagues • Advice, networking, sharing materials . CBITS Study Design . Funders and partners 11 Funders


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USF 27th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research And


7 hours agoTraining on collaboration, shared decision making and conflict engagement •On-site planning/ development of collaborative structure •Facilitated dialogue The free flow of conflicting ideas is critical to creative thinking, for discovering new solutions no one …


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Sandra Soto, MPH Josie Thomas Suzanne Bronheim, PhD


2 hours ago • Services are free of charge • Centers provide workshops and training • Families have an advocate and are given the skills to be their child ’s advocate • Families served by Centers get their needs met


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Learning Community On Implementation Of The National CLAS


9 hours ago •Expansion or initiation of training on the National CLAS Standards •New positions established •New conversations and engagement of new partners – State Medicaid Office, state administrative offices – quality improvement, policy, standards, tribal services, information officer - …


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Using The Ohio Scales For Assessment And Outcome


Just Now OKLAHOMA STATEWIDE SYSTEMS OFImplications for Evaluation CARE EVALUATION Oklahoma Systems of Care (OSOC) Expansion From 2002-2011, using a combination of state funds and funds from Phase IV and Phase VI SAMHSA grants, Oklahoma’s wraparound program expanded from …


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Factors That Lead To High School Graduation For AtRisk Youth


9 hours ago % Qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch High School Graduation rates for some urban school districts are abysmally low. Source: NYSED Report Cards, NYS Graduation Rates and Enrollment Summary (2011-2012 School Year) Participation in job training and working for an employment partner are also important factors leading to retention and graduation.


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An Integrated Mental Health And Legal Service Approach


9 hours ago (3) Staff Training on Legal Topics To date, held 12 staff workshops on a variety of legal topics Post-Workshop Evaluation Forms Evaluated the content of training, presenter ability, relevance of topic to clinical work, etc. Understand how workshops were being received by staff, what other topics were needed, and educate staff on the resources and


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Combining Universal Screening And Data Mining From …


9 hours ago Objectives for Discussion Session • 1) How to Work with school districts to select and regularly use universal screening tools • 2) How to evaluate the effectiveness of changes in the services as the system of care is implemented utilizing the universal screening tools • 3) How to utilize data dumps from the management information systems of


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Hilton Tampa Downtown, Florida Call For Proposals


Just Now a submission, please feel free to contact April Sather at the Evaluation and Research Team of the National Wraparound Initiative at [email protected] For technical questions with the online proposal submission system, contact Scott Bryant-Comstock at [email protected] Deadline The deadline for proposals is November 4, 2013. The 27 th Annual


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The Impact Of An Ecological Approach To SchoolBased


Just Now Awareness, Training, Consultation and Collaboration COMMUNITY Parent Awareness and Training EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY DEPT. OF PSYCHOLOGY Health Psychology Doctoral Program Student high quality care for free. Problem: • Shortages of …


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How To Continuously Evaluate Statewide Systems Of Care


7 hours agoTraining & TA Pool to build capacity •Innovation Fund to invest in cross-system pilot activities •Strategic Financing Plan (guidance on flexible funding of • Utilizing SAMHSA funding, a free evaluation service for all participating counties (21 counties; more next year)


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ACCESS MH Tampa Conference Final


9 hours ago Expand training in children’s mental, emotional and behavioral needs for school resource officers, pediatricians, child care providers and mental health professionals Understand whether the lack of appropriate treatment for children and young adults may lead …


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Implementing The Affordable Healthcare Act


1 hours ago Training and Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Monday, March 5 • 8:00 – 10:15 …


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