Create Websites in Minutes with Artificial Intelligence

Understand Artificial Intelligence Powered Website Creation in 2019

What you will learn

Develop websites and landing pages utilizing Artificial Intelligence Technology
Build a chatbot for your website in the quickest time possible utilizing Artificial Intelligence.
Build an Apple TV app without coding and understand the website portal utilized to build the exact same with Artificial Intelligence


There is absolutely no pre-requisite necessary and you do not have to understand any coding to create web sites.


At first, web developers and designers developed websites utilizing HTML. Soon, the internet was formless and also empty, darkness was over the exterior of the deep web, as well as the Spirit of Code was hovering over the pinnacle of greatest ignorance.

We’ve made great strides from that time. The online world is still a dark, dreadful place, however, it’s much more elegant, advanced and incredible now. Web Design is continuing to grow exponentially in level and sophistication during the last couple of years, because of new Artificial Intelligence-based web site creation tools which are dominating the digital marketing business.

The modern technology continues to be in its infancy stage, however – but machine learning is allowing artificial design intelligence (ADI) to comprehend creative guidelines and utilize them independently as well as in an intuitive and more interesting way – in that case.

Artificial design technology will quickly be advanced as much as necessary to automate a lot of web design be employed in the next generation too. New thought leaders would appear and new courses like this would serve to be game-changers in the artificial intelligence operated digital marketing space.

About the trainer

Srinidhi Ranganathan
Creator of Aera Robot – A Sophia Like Robot (Pride of India)


Source: Udemy Platform


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