How To Protect Your Online Identity with Great Passwords

How To Protect Your Online Identity. Discover how to hackers steal your passwords and the best way to protect yourself from identity theft

  • What you will learn

. Understand how identity theft happens
. The best way to know if a person has stolen your identity
. Exactly how safe are your existing passwords are (or maybe are not)
. The reason why is your password most entirely wrong?
. The best way to create powerful passwords
. What exactly are your passphrases?
. Easy methods to secure password with a password manager
. Exactly how popular password managers are you?

  • Prerequisites

. You might want to care about protecting your personal identity
. You have to be challenged by completely new ideas

  • Description

Have you at one time asked yourself how many hackers break into accounts? Curious exactly why are they thinking about your accounts? Do you really imagine that uppercase letters and strange elements help make your password more strong? Are you currently sure that your passwords are invincible? Do you feel completely worried you could possibly be at risk?

Put an end to wondering! Take the course. You will understand the good responses to this question This is the cybersecurity course tutorial that every person needs, you will learn How To Protect Your Online Identity, and how to Protect your online passwords and strengthen them too. So enroll now and begin discovering before you become a target of identity theft!


This training covers the password as well as the account takeover. It really does not cover credit card theft.
This training is not for hackers. You will never learn how to break into accounts.

  • Who is this course for?

The majority of us who uses the internet
This training is not for hackers

  • About the trainer

Ryan Foster
Teacher and Technologist

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