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Origin: This phrase originates in the horse racing industry. It alludes to the fact that some racehorses were good at some courses, whilst others were better at others. Meaning and Explanation: This proverb, 'Horses for Courses', means that different people are suited for different things. Some people have tastes and skills that other people do not…


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What are the best courses?

Golfweek's Best 2020: Top 100 Best Courses You Can Play

  1. Pebble Beach Golf Links Pebble Beach, Calif. (No. ...
  2. Bandon Dunes (Pacific Dunes) Bandon, Ore. (No. ...
  3. Pinehurst (No. ...
  4. Bandon Dunes (Old Macdonald) Bandon, Ore. ...
  5. Whistling Straits (Straits) Mosel, Wis. ...
  6. Bandon Dunes (Bandon Dunes) Bandon, Ore. ...
  7. Shadow Creek North Las Vegas, Nev. ...
  8. Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Ocean Course) Kiawah Island, S.C. ...

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How to choose your courses?

How to choose the right college course

  • Be open to all of your options. Whether you've known for a long time what you want to do in college, or you're completely unsure, try to be open when ...
  • Think about your interests. ...
  • Do your research. ...
  • Think about life after college. ...
  • Aim high. ...
  • Choose something broad. ...
  • Talk to someone about your options. ...
  • Consider alternatives. ...

What are some of the best Coursera courses?

10 Best Coursera Courses

  1. Google IT Support -Offered by Google -Coursera. This is an excellent course offered by Google and Coursera that can be a Launchpad for you in the IT field.
  2. The Science of Well-being - Yale University - Coursera. This course has been offered by the University of Yale and Coursera. ...
  3. Python For Everybody - University of Michigan - Coursera. ...

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What courses are needed?

Colleges and universities require a basic level of education for all degrees and majors. The topics needed usually include English, mathematics, sciences, humanities, public speaking and foreign language. Some degree plans have required courses that apply to the general education courses.

Short Paragraph On 'Horses For Courses'

Short Paragraph on ‘Horses for Courses’. ‘Horses for courses’ means that people should do the right things for them. Different people are suited to different things. Metaphorically, it means that some people are suited to some things, others to other things. This proverb is actually most commonly used in the translation sector.

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Essay On Co-education

On training courses or practical courses: no preference is given to one gender over another. Advantages of Co-education. It is a wholesome, all-inclusive way of growing up. Instances of gender bias get minimized as both the genders grow up at an equal footing and learn to respect each other. Girls and boys get equal opportunities.

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My College Life – Short Essay

In my final year, I took a risk and dropped my business courses in favor of humanities. My parents were livid of course. But once they realized what a positive impact college had made on my life, they supported my decision. I tried to make them proud by dedicating myself to my studies.

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Importance Of Computers In Our Daily Life – 3 Essays

Distance Education: It is an important requirement for distance education beginning from MOOC courses to correspondence degrees; Instant access to news: The news about various happenings are instantly updated on the internet and can be accessed by the computer

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Environmental Protection: Meaning, Importance, And

Meaning Environmental protection refers to any measure that is taken to conserve, maintain or preserve the state of the environment. Protection of the environment can be done through reducing pollutants or anything that leads to its degradation. Conservation of the environment aims at keeping it safe and healthy. It aims at the reduction of overusing…

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Indian History, Festivals, Essays, Paragraphs, Speeches

Origin: This phrase originates in the horse racing industry. It alludes to the fact that some racehorses were good at some courses, whilst others were better at others. Meaning and Explanation: This proverb, 'Horses for Courses', means that different people are suited for different things.

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Merits And Demerits Of Computer In Education

2. Distance learning: online courses enable more communities to access education at a distance. 3. Information: a computer can be a portal to a wealth of information. 4. Need less physical space: Stores data in digital format. We don’t need large physical places to store books, periodicals, and other educational materials.

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Essay On Importance Of Education

As adults you can take up educational courses to upgrade your career skills, learn new skills in addition to your career, learn new technologies, learn new languages, etc. Especially in today’s fast changing world of technology, it is important to keep educating oneself with the latest technological developments to stay in line with the

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My Favourite Subject (English) – Short Essay

It also has the capacity to empathize, to inculcate values, instill morals, inspire humanity and spread hope. Hence, it is the most popular subject in the world with countless courses being offered in all institutions around the globe. It is for these reasons and more, my favourite subject is English.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Libraries Are Important In Schools

A school library is a place in the school where vast collections of academic books are kept. These books are made available to the students to increase their knowledge and understanding on various subjects. A school library plays a great role in the life of a student. It is the store house of knowledge. In a…

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What Is A Small Scale Industry (SSI)

What is a Small Scale Industry (SSI)? Small scale industries (SSIs) also known as MSMEs are defined & categorized by the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.The act categorizes different scale of industries on the basis of investment in plant & machinery in case of manufacturing industries and on the basis of investment in equipment in case of service sector …

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Climate Change: Major Causes Of

Major Causes of climate change. 1. Global warming: The overall cause of climate change is the warming of the earth’s atmosphere. This comes about due to the greenhouse effect, whereby a layer of polluting gases (including CO2, sulfides and CO) in the earth’s atmosphere trap the sun’s rays and cause them to warm up the earth and the air

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What Is Time Management

This essay on Time Management covers the Meaning of time management, its benefits, its importance, its purpose and some effective time management techniques. Meaning of Time Management Time management means organizing our time efficiently. It refers to the ability to use our time well. If we have good time management skills, we are able to complete all…

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Major Causes Of Poverty (Economic, Social, Geographical

Poverty is the state wherein people are denied their fundamental necessities of life. This is a sorry state of affair, especially in a modern age of globalization. Poverty is a grave socio-economic setback for most nations, even in the present century. A well-planned approach is required to completely abolish poverty from the entire world.

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Importance Of Science And Technology In Our Daily Life

While science is the study of entire universe from the cellular level to the highest level, technology is the application arising from science! Hence, we need both of them in our life. While science involves explanation, phenomenon, analysis and predictions on various subjects, technology is something that simplifies all these things.

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Proverbs, Sayings, Idioms And Phrases Archives

‘Horses for Courses’ – Meaning, Origin, Explanation and Importance. Category: Proverbs, Sayings, Idioms and Phrases On August 5, 2016 By LightHouse. Origin: This phrase originates in the horse racing industry. It alludes to the fact that some racehorses were good at some courses, whilst others were better at others.

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Essay On Child Labour: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Solutions

Issues such as bullying, sexual exploitation, and unfavorable working hours may result in mental trauma in these children. They will find it hard to forget the past and may become societal misfits because of bad childhood experiences. Child labour may also result in the lack of emotional growth and thus insensitivity. 4.

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My First Day At College – Short Essay

My First Day at College was a memorable day for me. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was wearing my newly bought uniform and shoes. My bag was on my shoulder and I was nervous so much I kept adjusting my tie. The huge halls of the college building were decked with the portraits of the founders of the college.

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Meaning And Importance Of Media

Media is the plural form for medium and involves the collective communication sources or mediums including television, radio, newspapers, internet, social media sites and various relevant sites and blogs. The main purpose of media is to disseminate the information and knowledge. Media is the best medium of communication for mass audience.

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Short Essay On Health And Fitness For Students

Healthy and fit can be used words interchangeably, implying a good state of mind and body. However, they differ. Health is the overall state of wellbeing and peace whereas fitness is directly connected with physical exercise. A body made fit by exercise is usually a healthy body. Good health can be achieved without exercise but fitness needs

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Short Essay On Importance Of Reading Books – 2 Essays

Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books – 2 Essays. Books are like a treasure, sometimes a treasure of knowledge, sometimes of learning new skills and sometimes of entertainment. The key to this treasure chest lies in acquiring the skill to read. Once that is done, a new world opens out to you. And the surprises and gems in this are never

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Afforestation – Meaning And Benefits

That means providing and funding training courses for everyone from biologists to manual laborers who will be able to physically plant the trees. Educating the general public about the importance of afforestation is also absolutely vital. People will be more likely to support and to respect afforestation projects if they understand their

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The Importance Of Saving Money For Kids

“Save money and money will save you!” This single sentence describes the importance of saving money in a significant manner. Saving money is a beneficial habit that helps us for lifetime. It provides financial security and ensure a prosperous future. Teaching money-saving habit to kids at a younger age helps them grow into smart and intelligent adults.…

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Meaning, Objectives, And Importance Of Advertising

Creation of demand – One of the main objectives of advertising is that it persuades the customers to buy and use a particular product. Hence, advertising also contributes in creating brand awareness and demand. Also, advertising is the best option for promotion when it comes to launch of a new product or service.

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Autobiography Of A Student – Short Essay

Autobiography of a Student Short Essay. Who am I? I am a student, I was given the name because I am someone that enrolled in a school or educational institution. I am a student because I attend classes in a particular course I choose or I enrolled in to attain a certain mastery level of such course under the guidance of an instructor in

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Essay On Internet And Its Uses – 2 Essays

Many courses can be conducted online thus making distance learning much more feasible. Internet banking has made transfer of funds much easier. One doesn’t have to carry around cash in large amounts. Because of internet the availability of jobs also goes up as online jobs with no location restriction become easier.

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Aims And Objectives Of Physical Education (PE) – 10 Aims

Aims of Physical Education (PE). 1. Health: generally keeping the body healthy. 2. Cardiovascular: keeping the heart and blood vessels in good condition. 3. Respiratory: regular exercise promotes healthy heart and lungs. 4. Muscle growth: getting the limbs of the body strong. 5. Longevity: regular exercise helps to promote longer life. 6.

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Arguments For And Against: Do Birds Of A Feather Flock

Arguments in favor of the above phrase: Three arguments in favor of why birds of a feather flock together. Understanding: people with similar interests and personalities can often perhaps offer each other greater levels of mutual understanding than more diverse groups of people can.

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Short Essay On Good Manners

It is also a criterion for employment in reputable places as good manners sells out as a brand that companies want to associate with.. It goes hand in hand with being responsible and often a good mannered person will be trusted to successfully carry out designated tasks.. Good manners are also a catch for blessings from parents and older people as it is a gesture of service and respect.

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Short Essay On Skilled Manpower Age In India

Various seminars get conducted, lots of educational fairs get organized, and people came to know how they could earn more money if they could learn a few more skills from the skill development centers, where the cost of the courses is very minimal, and one can get to learn a lot from it.

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Reading: 50 Reasons Why Reading Is So Important In Our

What is the meaning of Reading? The act of reading involves understanding the meaning of written words. It involves the imagination and the emotions as well as the brain's capacity for logic, memory and of course language use and acquisition. Children usually learn to read and to write at the same time, and this is…

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