Learn To Create a Social Network like Facebook

Learn To Create a Social Network like Facebook. Exploring and Discovering Cloud Computing Towards Learning!

  • What you will learn

Understanding how to Develop a Social Network like Facebook

  • Prerequisites

You need to have some knowledge of Online Working and a sound knowledge of MS Office. Absolutely no coding needed.

  • Description

Figure out how to develop your own social networks. Amazing….. what an opportunity and possibility. Cheers. We have to go to draw the feast. With this particular course, you can begin your own social network. With advantages which include Pages, Groups, Messages, Live Chat, Comments, Share’s, Like’s, Real-time Notifications. Games, Marketplace, Library, etc. Actually all the possibility of developing private profiles, just for friends or public profiles.

The course enables you to activate a social media platform. The customers may even decide to be private, public or protected. Have a great time guy! Enjoy the training course.

  • Who is this course for?

Persons are passionate about understanding and exploring and building a difference in their lives.

  • About the trainer

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
Academic Evangelist, Author & National Awardee (India)


Source: Udemy Platform


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