Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly UDEMY Free Courses

Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly [Udemy Free Courses]

JavaScript Coding for beginner’s. Code a calculator

  • What you will learn

Code in JavaScript from scratch
Present your projects to potential employers
Code more advanced projects and tasks in JavaScript

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  • Description

Hi there and welcome to ” Let’s JavaScript! “.

The projects:

This is certainly a full hands on series and the projects we can be coding are:

1. A single operation calculator: The calculator permit you to add, subtract double and divide two numbers with or without a decimal point. Our calculator can also have A backspace and very clear feature. Our calculator are going to automatically begin new calculations after the equivalent to operator is clicked. Eval has not utilized!

2. A to-do List: A to-do list according to arrays and array techniques which can enable you to add, strike from or delete individual items as well as you can even add an item utilizing the enter key on your computer keyboard and then clear the list

3.Pomodoro: A pomodoro is a productivity solution to the right track work and break durations, the pomodoro could have functions like start, pause and reset. And it will automatically begin the break duration after the work period is finished.

  • Who is this course for?

. Newbies
. People who understand HTML & CSS as well as have little exposure to JavaScript in the way of definitions, but never have experience coding in JavaScript
. Project based learners

  • About the trainer
    Web development & neuroscience

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