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At the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM), we create confident production planners with a range of bespoke manufacturing courses. Our unique and innovative production planning training courses allow each learner to use their practical work experience to help earn an accredited industry-recognised qualification.


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What to expect from online courses?

You can expect the same variety of work online as you would face-to-face. Online courses deliver a mix of quizzes, essays, assignments and group discussions. Depending on the course, you may work together with other students in groups, participate in peer review, or debate a variety of topics on the discussion boards.

What are online and hybrid courses?

Online Program - An online program is a degree or certificate-granting program in which each course of the program is delivered online. There may be an in-person residency requirement. Hybrid Course - A hybrid course is defined as any course that replaces 30% or more of in-class seat time with online activities.

What are some online courses like Coursera?

  • Udemy. Another one of the leaders in the online learning industry is Udemy. ...
  • edX. edX brings you the best courses from the best institutions in the world. ...
  • Khan Academy. Khan Academy is one of the best place like Coursera online. ...
  • Saylor Academy. ...
  • Lynda. ...
  • Alison. ...
  • Codecademy. ...

What are online courses?

An online course (sometimes referred to as a Web-based or Web-delivered course) is a class taught via the World Wide Web. Online courses are a form of distance learning. You can take the course at a "distance". This means you should be able to take the course without coming to campus.

Production Courses – Toolroom Academy : Toolroom Academy

Production Courses The Toolroom Academy is the leading educational platform in House, Tech House and Techno. Our courses are developed by the music team at Toolroom Records who are responsible for signing the the freshest, most credible tracks in the scene. We pride ourselves on delivering the most relevant music education currently available.

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TV Production Training Programs And Requirements

At the bachelor's degree level, TV production programs focus on lab experiences and fieldwork training. Most programs include the development of a demo reel, which is …

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Music Production Coursera

Knowledge is where this course comes in. No matter what kind of music you are making, there is a large set of tools that you will need to use. Each lesson of this course will demonstrate a different set of music production tools, loosely following along the music production process of recording, editing, and mixing.

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Live Sound Training: The Production Academy

“ The Production Academy is an awesome online resource that provides clear and reliable information on all the technical things your need to know to work in Live Sound or the Touring industry. — Karrie Keyes, Monitor Engineer for Pearl Jam and Executive Director for

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Online Courses For Television And Digital Media Production

Movie Production Course: This class is generally offered near the end of the program. Students learn the mechanics of producing either a full-length film or short episodes for the Internet

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Music Production Certificate MIXXIN Academy

Want to try before you buy? Get our Music Production 101 course for free Our free preview requires no credit card and includes unrestricted access to our course "Music Production 101", which will give you all the basic knowledge required to start producing, including: Audio & Acoustics, Hardware Setup, Software Setup, Sequencer, Mixer, MIDI Instruments, Automation, Exporting and more.

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Learn Mixing And Music Production – Waves Audio Courses

Enhance your mixing, production and mastering skills. Get certified in vocal mixing, mastering, hip hop mixing and much more, plus take online masterclasses with the world’s leading Grammy®-winning producers and mix engineers.

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Production Training WarnerMedia Ready

Training and How-Tos. Education and training videos for production employees and crew can be found below. These are intended to be used as part of the start-up Health & Safety training for all production cast and crew. In addition, it is recommended that anyone required to wear PPE view the PPE Production Guidance document below to understand

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Production And Operation Management Free Online Course

Production planning problems using linear programming, as well as the dimensions of product quality, and the evolution of quality management will also be covered in this course. As a learner, this course will then teach you about the concept of total quality management, the quality tools that aid data collection and interpretation, as well as

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The Art Of Vocal Production Coursera

This course addresses recorded vocal performances and the technologies used to highlight and support them in modern record production and mixes. Most of us know that vocals serve as the focal point of modern recordings but many do not know the tools used or when the tools are used best in modern record production.

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Manufacturing Courses Production Training Courses

Production Planning and Control (PPC): ENGINEERING. 21 - 23 Jun 2021. Online. Duration:3 Days (12 Hours) This course is designed to teach skills in the planning & control of production for improved sectional learn more call me back.

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Film And TV Production Courses

The course is an intensive investigation in one or more areas of production based upon a mentorship, interviews, practical experience in production, and a final research paper and presentation. It is an alternative form for the student to gain in-depth knowledge of the professional practices within the entertainment industry.

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Online Courses About Beef Cattle Production Horse Judging

Available Online Courses. Choose from a variety of online courses covering topics such as Basic Beef Cattle Production, Herd Management, Beef Quality Assurance, Cattle Evaluation, TAMU Horse Judging and more. This course is designed for youth and collegiate horse judging team members, their coaches, and anyone interested in learning more about

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Production Horticulture Courses Online Crop Courses

Study nut production and nut culture, growing, using and selling nuts in a correspondence course learning by external studies at home in Australia or N.Z. for …

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Individuals working in the field of production management who want to update their skill set to improve productivity and operations at their place of work will benefit from this course. This group of people includes manufacturing specialists, production managers, technical managers, engineers, technicians, supervisors, foremen, team leaders and

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Producing Courses Become A Film Producer NYFA

As part of the course students learn the basics of the advertising and explore the process by which TV commercials are conceived by ad agencies and bid out to production companies. The instructor delineates the roles of agency, producer and director in this complex process.

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Production Engineering HOT Engineering

Production Engineering Training for Professionals HOT offers a comprehensive production engineering training portfolio for professionals from basic to advanced level. Join our public course sessions to broaden and deepen your production engineering knowledge. See Public Production

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Ultimate List Of Free Music Production Courses

FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION COURSES: Courses by W. A. Production. 1. "How to EDM" YouTube Tutorials. This famous tutorial series will take you to the journey through the whole music production process. DAW templates, from which you can learn, are provided with each part. Led by artists such as Redhead Roman, Ryan Enzed and others.

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Digital Media Academy Music Production Camps & Courses For

Learn real-world music production from professionals that teach you how to record, mix, edit and produce digital music. Digital Media Academy offers world-class digital music programs for teens ages 12 - 17 at prestigious universities in the US and Canada.

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Virtual Production Primer

Virtual Production Primer. This learning path will help you begin your journey with modern virtual production pipelines. You'll learn how to work with the Unreal Editor, projects, file structures, and more. You'll also get to know the basics of producing content in real time and gain a better understanding of key aspects of performance and

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Production Operations Management < 2020-2021 Catalog

This course is an introduction to some selected topics in the field of production and operations management. It covers process analysis, quality management, queueing and capacity management, lean operations, inventory management, aggregate planning and supply chain management. College/Department: LeBow College of Business.

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Music Production Courses

In addition to class hours, all Point Blank music production programs include regular one on one personal training time with your instructor, as well as Open Lab Time to hone your production skills in the studios. Start your music production career with Point Blank.

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Content Production Courses

Content Production Courses. 1. Learn the Basics of Video Production. The aim of this course is to ensure that participants have a basic working knowledge of video theory and broadcast production equipment and that they understand the minimal technical requirements for Open Media Hub productions. The course is led by Simon Hustings, OPEN Media

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Free Online Movie Construction And Production Course Alison

This free online movie production course will teach you about the fundamentals of how movies are made and produced. In this film production course, study a wide range of topics in filmmaking process, including theme, genre, narrative structure, story, directing, acting, cinematography, photography, shooting, editing, and sound.

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Music Production Courses Sound Engineering Classes

Our music production courses are taught by expert lecturers using Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Native Instruments and Pro Tools with students studying all aspects of music production including mixing, mastering, sound design and more. Point Blank is the highest ranked independent music school in NSS (National Students Survey) 2019.

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Learn Manufacturing With Online Courses And Lessons EdX

Manufacturing Courses and Certificates. offers a multitude of courses in partnership with trusted and experienced institutions in many aspects of manufacturing. You could focus on a particular manufacturing sector or a part of the manufacturing industry as a whole. You can learn about advanced manufacturing and discover smart manufacturing.

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The 10 Best Online Music Production Courses

The top online music production courses provide you with a balance of inspiration, clear instructions on how to make the best use of music production software, and the skills needed to develop, create, and refine your music. We researched 30 online music production courses

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Food Production Courses

Food production courses are majorly offered at diploma or certificate level by different hotel management colleges in India. However, few colleges also offer undergraduate degree courses in food production. Apart from this, food production is also taught …

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GFA: Introduction To Film And Television Production GTPE

Introduction to On-Set Film Production is a course which will provide an introduction to the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film-industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures.

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Print Production Online Training Courses LinkedIn

Print Production Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Print Production Trending courses. 1h 23m Learning Print Production Course 71,389 viewers. 2h 7m

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Free Music Production Course Weekends & Evenings SEM

An admissions officer will email to officially confirm your place. Please do not attend if the auto-reply is all you receive. Free Music Production Course. £ 20.00. Choose a start date. Choose an option Sunday July 11th 2021 12pm - 4pm Sunday August 8th 2021 12pm - 4pm Sunday September 5th 2021 - 12 - 4pm. Payment Option.

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Music Production London LSA DJ & Music Production Courses

Advanced Music Production Course. Level 3: Fine-tuning for release. Price: £329. Polish to your track including mastering and prepares it for release to the outside world. Taught 1-to-1 with your genre. Choose your own lesson times. Save £££'s on production gear. Graduate in 4 lessons (2 hours each)

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Music Production & Engineering Courses Berklee

This course explores the roles and responsibilities of music producers and engineers from idea inception to finished product. Included is an overview of studio technologies and basic recording procedures. This course is recommended for students considering the music production and engineering major or anyone desiring a broad overview of the field.

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33 Postgraduate Film And TV Production Courses In Canada

33 Postgraduate Film and TV production courses in Canada. Course price ranging from INR 514,075 - INR 2,194,955 with a max.Hurry the courses start from 07 Sep 2021.

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Cider Institute Courses High-quality, Hands-on Trainings

The following courses are Core Modules for CINA's Advanced Certificate in Cider & Perry Production. SCIENCE, PRACTICE & QUALITY ASSURED CIDER & PERRY PRODUCTION ‍ Developed by Peter Mitchell for CINA, this class builds on the Foundation course and aims to cover, in depth, advanced theoretical aspects of cider and perry production. A key part of the class program involves …

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Film And Digital Media Courses

Film Production 1 221JFLM102A. This course covers the technical and craft skills required to create a short media project. Students develop practical production skills and crew etiquette through “real world” assignments, lensing interior and exterior location scenes in and around the Lucy Huie Studio.

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