SEO 2020 – An Effective Guide To Climb The Google Rankings

A Step-By-Step Guide To boost Your website, Keyword Research, Create Relevant SEO high-quality Content, Build Backlinks, Case Studies

  • What you will learn in this course

. How to rank high your blog?
. Why artificial intelligence matter for SEO in 2020 and beyond
. Actionable SEO steps to get you more organic traffic from search engine
. The SEO errors of today and how you can get rid of them
. The expired SEO tricks/myths that can hurt your website
. The SEO ranking factors of 2020
. Learn more about the Google RankBrain Algorithm
. Have more information about the concept of User satisfaction and how it’s affecting the rankings
. The most effective WordPress plugins for your site
. How to create high-quality relevant content that matches the keyword
. Generate content ideas
. How to conduct an effective and ideal keyword research
. Generate thousands of keywords ideas
. How to choose the best a keyword and get ahead of your competitors
. How to prioritize your keywords based on the value of your site
. Proven content promotion methods
. Off-Page SEO optimization
. Conduct link building campaigns
. 5 proven link building tactics
. How to build a high-quality backlink


SOURCE: Udemy Platform

  • About the Trainer
    Fadi BS
    SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing


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