Viral Marketing MasterClass 2019: Viral Epic Tricks to Go Viral

Viral Marketing MasterClass

Tap InTo Your True Target Audience.

What you will learn

. Have an understanding of viral marketing methods in digital marketing.
. Find out how to achieve mass target audiences using basic and advanced digital marketing techniques and channels
. Learn more about how you can grow-hack any business to make more sales in real-time
. Figure out how to automate webinars and make them keep running on one’s site on autopilot
. Become more acquainted with about a bullet-proof SMTP server to send mass messages
. Become more acquainted with about the information and data on anonymous sites
. Automaton the procedure of cold-calls by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence
. Find out how to attract and retain visitors using viral marketing increase hacks


Ever thought why some influencers or even ordinary marketers go viral and become popular, and others don’t? Why some products become a huge success while others simply flop? Why some ideas take off while any other idea fails and fail miserably?

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  • About the trainer

Srinidhi Ranganathan
Creator of Aera Robot – A Sophia Like Robot (Pride of India)

Source: Udemy Platform


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