YouTube: How to Get Sponsors for Small Channels [Udemy Coupon Code]

YouTube: How to Get Sponsors for Small Channels [Udemy Coupon Code]

Full tutorial to assisting small YouTube makers connect with brands that want to sponsor them!

  • What You Will Learn in this Course?

How you can get sponsors on YouTube
Tips on how to choose a niche which is brand friendly
How you can create a business relationship with brands
Exactly what to suggest in your emails so brands can respond and want to collaborate with you.

  • Prerequisites

You must have a computer, smartphone, and tripod to help you begin making videos!
You will need a YouTube account.

  • Course Description

Welcome to the brand new YouTube: How you can Get Sponsors for Small Channels training course!

Are you searching for a new way to make profit on YouTube?

Are you just getting involved on YouTube as well as have a small channel?

This course is perfectly for small YouTube makers who are trying to make money with brand sponsors!

The reason why did I make this course?

I’ve specifically had plenty of success with increasing my profit on YouTube with sponsorships. Originally, I believed getting sponsors would be not easy, time consuming, as well as stressful, however I managed to double the profit on my channel in the first 30 days that I began contacting brands.

What makes this course exclusive?

Contained in the training course is a long list of over 100 companies with their contact information that you can begin to contact for sponsorships.

I personally made this list and these are companies which have either contacted me or I have contacted them.

Obtaining this list can save you a lot of time so you don’t need to waste hours doing research.

I will teach you in the training course what to say in your emails such that these companies would really respond to you.

  • Who is the target audience?

Small YouTubers who are prepared to be struggling to get sponsors on YouTube.
Newbies who still are going to build their YouTube channels and who want assist with choosing a niche and need video ideas.
Online entrepreneurs who wish to generate a new source of revenue.

About the trainer

Kevin Breeze
Best Selling Content Creator | 4 Million+ Views

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