YouTube Video Marketing for Domination: ViralNomics 2019

Turn to be the next YouTube Sensation through brainstorming viral ideas and strategies for your YouTube channel

  • What you will learn

. Discover professional strategies and ideas to create successful and effective YouTube videos.
. Make new videos every single day with the provided ideas
. Come to be a Professional on YouTube Video Marketing
. Generate new videos on YouTube with the provided ideas and lectures
. Learn about an exceptional YouTube SEO trick that actually works every time
. Discover ways to convert creative commons videos to sketch for publishing on YouTube
. Obtain ideas to develop your brand-new on YouTube
. Remix Creative Commons videos on Youtube
. Make Hollywood intro videos for YouTube
. Figure out how to get video backlinks to increase your YouTube channel rankings.

  • Prerequisites

Absolutely no previous experience or information on YouTube is needed.
The concept for the type of YouTube channel you want to begin can be an advantage point.
A Google account or a Google+ account is essential – so you can subscribe to a YouTube account very simple.

  • Who is this course for?

. Individuals of any age or ability
. Persons from any country who really like YouTube
. Individuals with an interest in YouTube or YouTube video creation
. Young entrepreneurs that are hard-core YouTube viewers
. Online marketers that are YouTube addicts.
. Udemy instructors who make great courses on the topic of “YouTube”
. Experts that use YouTube for marketing and advertising
. Video makers who upload frequently YouTube videos to YouTube
. Online video marketing lovers who would like to take their brand on YouTube to the next . . level with employing new-age SEO secrets and strategies.

  • About the trainer

Srinidhi Ranganathan
Creator of Aera Robot – A Sophia Like Robot (Pride of India)


Source: Udemy Platform


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